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Elizabeth Farrell Society membership is extended to supporters who make or pledge a lifetime donation or legacy donation of $10,000 or more. The pledge can be honored through cumulative annual donations, one-time donations, or through a legacy gift/bequest.

Now is a Great Time to Start Planning for the Legacy That You Want to Leave.

Elizabeth Farrell

Why join the Society? Fundraising ensures that CEC can continue to carry out its mission to cultivate, support, and empower education professionals who work with individuals with disabilities. CEC's five endowment funds are set up to ensure that you can tailor your giving to the CEC effort that you care the most about. CEC uses great care in deciding which initiatives it spends its endowment funds and Board policy limits the percent of the end-of-year balance that can be spent each year from CEC Funds. 

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In appreciation for your contribution to CEC, you will also receive:

  • Customized stewardship opportunities based on CEC initiatives that are personal to you
  • Annual conversation with CEC's Executive Director and President on new CEC program and initiatives as well as stewardship opportunities
  • Recognition on the CEC website and other Society Communication 
  • Annual invitation to the Donor Reception at the CEC Convention


For more information or to join the the Elizabeth Farrell Society, please contact:
(703) 264-9444


Read about the history of Elizabeth Farrell and the Society in a blog post by CEC Past President, Dr. William K. Bogdan.






Joined in 2022
Bill began his journey in special education as a teacher in the 1970s and became passionate about CEC as it defined its visionary leadership role in supporting the positive interpretation and implementation of the IDEA.  Bill has served 30+ years in administrative leadership positions at the local, state, and national levels. While serving as CEC President (1999-2000), the organization underwent a radical governance transformation. From that experience to today, Bill has been enriched by CEC and its vision for advancing “High-quality education that is inclusive and equitable for individuals with disabilities.” Bill most recently served as chair of the Leadership Development Program Subcommittee, Leadership Development Committee and currently serves as chair of the CEC Fundraising and Development Committee.


Mary Lynn Boscardin
Joined in 2023
Mary Lynn Boscardin, Ph.D., is a Professor in the College of Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She served as department chair for six years. She received the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, College of Education, Distinguished Alumni Award, an honor bestowed upon a select group of the college’s more than 35,000 living national and international alumni who have advanced and made outstanding contributions to the field of education. As editor of an international journal, the Journal of Special Education Leadership (JSEL), she directs manuscript reviews and issue production that includes abstracting. She has received over $10 million in U.S. Department of Education (DOE) federal grant money from the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) federal that has supported over 65 graduate students. She served as President of the International Council for Administrators of Special Education (CASE) (2014-2016), leading the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, along with the many sub-committees as well as managing the budget. She served as President of the International Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) (2018-2019), an organization known for advancing the success of children with exceptionalities through advocacy, standards, and professional development. She has served as a leadership consultant to several state and local education agencies, evaluator for higher education leadership programs, and engaged in school-based and community activities that represent significant contributions and commitment to Commonwealth of Massachusetts, national, and international audiences.


Christy Chambers Burke
Joined in 2022
As the Chair of the 100th Anniversary Planning Workgroup, Christy became even more familiar with the pioneering work of Elizabeth Ferrell and leapt at the opportunity to be a founding member of the Elizabeth Ferrell Society. She has been a member of CEC for over 50 years and a longtime supporter of CEC and the Yes I Can Program. Christy started her career as a middle school teacher of children with disabilities in her hometown, Spring Valley, Illinois before becoming a School Superintendent of large county special education agencies, and now coordinates programs for the oldest early childhood system in Hawaii. Christy is past president of CASE and was the 2013 President of CEC.


    Mary Ruth Coleman
    Joined in 2022
    Mary Ruth Coleman, Ph.D., Senior Scientist Emeritus, FPG Child Development Institute, UNC-Chapel Hill, directs Project U-STAR~PLUS (Using Science, Talents and Abilities to Recognize Students – Promoting Learning in Underrepresented Students). She has numerous publications including “Educating Exceptional Children, 15th” with Samuel A. Kirk, and James J. Gallagher and “Implementing RtI with Gifted Students” with Susan Johnsen. She served three terms (9 years) on the Board of NAGC; two terms (6 years) on the Board of the Council for Exceptional Children, she was president of CEC in 2007. She was inducted into the 2017 “Hall of Fame Leaders in 2e Students.”


      Marilyn Friend
      Joined in 2022
      Marilyn Friend has spent her career as a general education and special education teacher, researcher, professor, administrator, teacher educator, and staff developer. She was CEC President in 2011 and is Professor Emerita of Education in the Department of Specialized Education Services at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Dr. Friend is also a Fulbright scholar and has consulted with thousands of school professionals nationally and internationally. Her contributions to the field include five books as well as more than 90 articles, chapters, and other materials, and her work has been recognized with several lifetime achievement awards.


      Susan Fowler
      Joined in 2022
      Susan Fowler, PhD, joined CEC in 1975 as a graduate student at the University of Kansas while earning her doctorate in developmental and child psychology. From the beginning she found a cadre of friends and role models through her engagement at the state and division level and opportunities to present her research and demonstration work nationally in early childhood special education. She had the honor of serving as President of CEC in 2008, Division for Early Childhood in 1992 and Division of Leaders and Legacy in 2019. The Elizabeth Farrell Society represents the “kindred spirits” she has met over the years and a way to “give back” to her professional home.


      Mikki Garcia
      Joined in 2023
      Mikki Garcia began her teaching career as a middle school English teacher in 1976. After teaching high school English and Spanish, she decided to pursue advanced studies in special education. During her five years at Vanderbilt University, Mikki gained invaluable experiences working with individuals with disabilities of all age and she received her doctoral degree in special education in 1989. In 1990, she moved to Europe where she provided services for students with disabilities in a Department of Defense Dependent School. In 1994, Mikki moved back to Georgia where she was on the faculty of Armstrong Atlantic State University and ultimately became a special education administrator in the Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools. Her CEC journey began in 2006 as president of Georgia CEC. Subsequently she became president of Georgia CASE in 2009, served on several CEC committees and served as CEC president in 2017. She chaired the first Leadership Development Committee beginning in 2018 and now chairs the Leadership Development Subcommittee. Additionally, Mikki is president elect of the Division of Leaders and Legacy. She has been homeschooling her grandchildren for a number of years and investigates special education complaints for the state of Georgia.


        Jeremy Glauser
        Joined in 2023
        Jeremy Glauser lives his mission to help people fulfill their full potential. He began his journey in education by bringing solutions to students who couldn't feed themselves, then entered the world of special education working with a Speech Scientist revolutionizing how to remediate speech and language impairments, and from there has partnered with thought leaders across the country to introduce mental health and teletherapy to schools. Jeremy is a proud supporter and member of the CEC community! He has been recognized as 40 under 40 by Utah Magazine, runner up Entrepreneur of the Year by EOY, serves as industry council to many organizations including CEC and the Kennedy Forum, and volunteers as often as he can in his community. Today, Jeremy is the Founder and CEO of eLuma, an end-to-end MTSS solution for mental health and special education teletherapy where they have served over 50,000 students. His personal passions surround faith, service, and family - including an amazing wife, 5 kids, and two playful pups.


        Thomas Hardman
        Joined in 2022
        Thomas James Hardman-Jr (Jim) was born in Farmington, NM on July 19, 1958. He moved with his family to Rockville, MD when he was 5 years old. As a child, Jim took piano lessons, and later taught himself guitar. He composed several pieces for his electric guitar. He spent hours practicing. Jim graduated from Robert E. Perry High School in 1976. College was not a fit for him. He never married, and had no children. Jim was a whiz on the computer. He loved designing and building his own computers. He was proficient in Dos, Windows, Apple, and Linux. He holds a patent for a computer security program. When he worked, it was in the computing field. Jim ran several webpages and blogs and was actively involved in Montgomery County MD politics, even running for Montgomery County Council member. Although he didn’t win, he continued being actively involved in County and city affairs. He attended the Aspen Hill Civic Association regularly. Jim blogged every night about Montgomery County MD history, about environmental issues and often commented on science fiction pages. Jim was found dead in his apartment of an apparent heart attack on June 7, 2020.


        Kurt Hulett
        Joined in 2023
        Dr. Hulett is the author of the best-selling text “Legal Aspects of Special Education”, which was released in 2009. As well, in 2021, he published the text, “Miles to Equity” with Dr. Jim Terry. He has extensive experience in many aspects of school administration including over ten years as a school principal, work in psychometric assessment as Vice President for Triumph Learning in New York, New York, and Vice President of Research and Development for Pearson Assessment in San Antonio, TX, Special Education Director of Legal Compliance for Henrico County Public Schools in Richmond, Virginia, and Governor-Appointed Officer for the Office of the Secretary of Education in Virginia. Dr. Hulett has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and Special Education from James Madison University, a Master’s of Education in Special Education from the University of Virginia, and a Doctorate in Educational Administration and Supervision, also from the University of Virginia. Dr. Hulett is the proud husband of H. Jennings Sheffield (Baylor University Professor) and father of two rambunctious boys, Kael and Gaige.


        Angie and Deverett Jasper
        Joined in 2023
        Angie Jasper first became interested in supporting individuals with disabilities because of her youngest brother, Marcus. Her love for brother sparked her desire to advocate for and serve individuals with disabilities. With the support of her husband, Deverett, Angie began her teaching career as a paraeducator and then as a special educator before transitioning into higher education. She now works to support teacher candidates interested in becoming special educators through her role as a Professor and Associate Dean. Angie was the 2023 President of the Council for Exceptional Children, and considered it a privilege to serve in that capacity. Her time as President was meaningful because it allowed her the opportunity to work with others to amplify efforts to improve the success of children and youth with disabilities and/or gifts and talents. Angie has been actively involved with CEC since joining in 2008 and has held various volunteer leadership positions, including chair of the Diversity Caucus for CEC’s Teacher Education Division, treasurer for the Division for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learners, and member of the editorial board for CEC’s journal, TEACHING Exceptional Children. She has also served on the Presidential line for the Michigan state unit. Angie earned a B.A. in African American Studies, and a M.S.Ed. and Ph.D. in Special Education from Purdue University. Angie and her husband, Deverett, are excited that they can express their appreciation for CEC through their membership in the Elizabeth Farrell Society.


        Danielle and Mike Kovach
        Joined in 2022
        Danielle Kovach began her teaching career in 1997 and taught general and special education in various settings. She is currently a third-grade special education teacher and adjunct professor of special education at Centenary University. Danielle was the 2022 President of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), the 2011 New Jersey State Teacher of the Year, and the 2014 CEC Teacher of the Year. Mike Kovach is a Partner Success Manager for Bridgepointe Technologies. He is also a volunteer firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician, serving his community proudly for over 20 years. Together with their son Ryan, Mike owns Dad and Ryan's Birch Beer, LLC. Their company teaches others how to lead fulfilling lives by doing what they love, regardless of their challenges. Mike and Danielle are the proud parents of three boys. Their experiences with individuals with disabilities have taught them how to praise the process, challenge the impossible, and celebrate every victory. Mike and Danielle's personal and professional experiences inspired them to advocate for children with exceptionalities.


        Stephen Kroeger
        Joined in 2024
        Steve began his teaching career in 1990 in Detroit, Michigan, and this experience led him to become a special educator. While teaching in a Cincinnati middle school for 11 years he provided professional development to peers. This experience inspired his doctoral studies and then 20 years as a faculty member at University of Cincinnati. His passion to unleash the academic excellence of his students connected him to work among teachers in the Palestinian West Bank for the past decade. He recently began working with Israeli educators. Steve has been involved in the development of core curriculum and evidence-based practices around the theme of self-determination. He taught in St. Lucia, West Indies, in Peru among the Quechua Indians. Current related interests include cartooning, and visual facilitation.


        Jennifer Lesh
        Joined in 2023
        Jennifer Lesh is an associate professor at the Ross College of Education at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. Before becoming a professor at Lynn University, Jennifer worked in the School District of Palm Beach County, where she held several positions within the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) field. Dr. Lesh has over 20 years of special education practical experience ranging from classroom special education teacher working with students with emotional and behavioral disorders to ESE compliance at the district level, to Response to Intervention/Multi-Tiered System of Supports Professional Development Specialist to a high school dean. She is currently the coordinator of the ESE master’s program and teaches the research and methodology in the doctoral program. Jennifer is active in CEC at the local, state, and national/international levels. She has been CEC president at the local and state level and is the 2020 President of CEC International. Jennifer is currently the CEC Treasurer.


        Joan McDonald
        Joined in 2023
        Joan McDonald retired from the Arizona Department of Education as the Deputy Associate Superintendent for Exceptional Student Services in June 2012. Previously, Joan retired from the Tolleson Elementary School District in June 2006 where she served as the Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she has more than 50 years of experience as a special education teacher and administrator, pre-K through grade 12, in New York, Massachusetts and Arizona. Joan has served on executive committees for Arizona Council for Exceptional Children, Special Education Administrators’ Association of Arizona and the Council of Administrators for Special Education. She also served on the Board of Directors for the Council for Exceptional Children (2003-2006) and the Board of Directors for the CEC Pioneers Division (President 2017). Joan earned her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from Holy Family University in Philadelphia, PA, her Masters of Science Degree in special education from Fordham University in New York, NY and has completed all but dissertation for a doctorate in educational leadership from Northern Arizona University, AZ. 


        Wendy Murawski
        Joined in 2023
        Wendy W. Murawski, Ph.D., MBA, MEd, EdS, is Executive Director and Eisner Endowed Chair for the Center for Teaching and Learning at California State University, Northridge, where she is also a Professor in the Department of Special Education and the Director of SIMPACT Immersive Learning. Dr. Murawski is a Past President of the Teacher Education Division (TED) for CEC, as well as a member of DR, DISES, and DLD. She has received national awards for her research and publications, to include California Teacher Educator of the Year. She presents nationally & internationally to state departments, districts and schools and is a frequently requested keynote presenter. She received the two highest honors from her university: The Outstanding Faculty Award and the Preeminent Scholarly Publication Award. Dr. Murawski has published 19 books, 3 handbooks, 16 book chapters, and numerous peer-reviewed journal articles. Her publications focus on inclusive education, co-teaching, collaboration, and Universal Design for Learning. She has presented in 45 states in the USA, as well as in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Dr. Murawski is the CEO & President of the educational consulting company, 2Teach Inc and of 2Teach Global, (, championing inclusive education around the world.


        Luann Purcell
        Joined in 2023
        Luann has had a variety of experiences throughout her 51 years in education as a general education teacher, teacher of students with emotional and behavioral disorders, coordinator at a regional educational service center, and assistant superintendent for pupil services. After retiring from the school district with 30 years, she was selected to be the executive director of the Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) from July 2002- February 2020. Luann has been very active in CEC from the chapter level through the international level, having served in multiple offices and various committees with local Chapter 0878, GA CCBD, GCASE, CASE, and the Division of Leaders and Legacy (DLL). CEC has been a positive influence on her from those early years through today as a consultant. She believes strongly in the local chapter promoting teacher retention and quality as well as the importance of the Unit and Divisions in meeting member needs. The EFS is extremely important to ensure CEC continues to lead the future of the community of Special Education.


        Chad Rummel
        Joined in 2022
        Chad is currently Executive Director of CEC. Chad came to CEC from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP), where he had been executive director since 2013. Prior to that, Chad served as a Management, Communications, and Meetings Consultant at the American Psychological Association; held positions at the National Scholastic Press Association and Herff Jones Yearbooks; and co-taught with special educators in Journalism, Business, and Computer electives at public high schools. Chad received his Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in Business and Journalism from Emporia State University and his Master of Education degree in Education Leadership from George Mason University.


        Kareem Thompson
        Joined in 2023
        Kareem L. Thompson, Ed.D., serves as Assistant Principal for Curriculum at Congress Middle School in Boynton Beach, FL. He also serves as adjunct Professor at both Palm Beach State College and Lynn University. He earned his Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from the prestigious Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) at Lynn University. His professional interests include teacher evaluation systems, professional development, teacher education prep, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, middle school special education programming, and transition. Dr. Thompson is a well-known community, civic and religious leader, often requested to host, sing, teach, and speak at various local, state and national programs. Most notably, Dr. Thompson has been a featured speaker for the Nate King Cole Generation Hope Music Educators Conference and the Kennedy Center for the Arts Special Education Webinar Series. He is a national advocate for individuals with unique abilities, talents, and gifts. Dr. Thompson was a special education teacher for ten years in Palm Beach County and currently in his eleventh year as an administrator.


        Michael and Linda Weinroth
        Joined in 2023
        Michael Weinroth’s career in Special Education began in 1967 in Jacksonville, FL, first as a teacher for students with physical handicaps and then Head Teacher at the Love Grove Exceptional Child Center before becoming the county-wide Area Specialist for the Physically Handicapped and Hospital Homebound for Duval County Schools. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida, his Master’s in Special Education from Mississippi State University, and his Ed.S. from Georgia State University. A job opportunity as a consultant for the physically disabled and other health impaired with the Georgia Department of Education brought him and his wife Linda to Atlanta. After 7 years, he then served for 24 years as Assistant Director of Special Education for Gwinnett County Public Schools in Metro Atlanta before retiring in 2002 (Gwinnett is now one of the largest school districts in the country). Mike and Linda keep busy doing volunteer work for non-profit organizations. They are proud of their 2 children and 5 grandchildren. Mike has been an active member of CEC for over 55 years. He served as President of the Georgia Federation (Unit), represented Georgia on the CEC Board of Governors in the 70’s, and was also President of the national Division for Physically Handicapped and Hospital Homebound. He and Linda, both longtime educators, feel strongly about the vision of CEC, so it was an easy decision to make the commitment to join the Elizabeth Farrell Society.


        Mitchell Yell
        Joined in 2023
        Mitchell L. Yell, Ph.D., is the Fred and Francis Lester Palmetto Chair in Teacher Education and a Professor in Special Education at the University of South Carolina. He earned his Ph.D. in special education from the University of Minnesota. His professional interests include special education law, IEP development, progress monitoring, and parent involvement in special education. Dr. Yell has published 132 journal articles, 6 textbooks, 36 book chapters, and has conducted numerous workshops on various aspects of special education law, classroom management, and progress monitoring. His textbook, Special Education and the Law, is in its 5th edition. He also had been awarded almost $16 million in grants. Dr. Yell also serves as a State-level due process review officer in South Carolina. Prior to working in higher education, Dr. Yell was a special education teacher in Minnesota for 14 years.
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