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Student Teacher Support


Welcome From Dr. Ruby Owiny Chair of Student Teacher Support Work Group

Weekly Resources

For the first resource read the article linked below. Once you have read the article print out the handout. Sort the handout in the order of what you think is important. This is a great exercise to do with a partner/ with your cooperating teacher and discuss your rankings. 

Read Article


As you are getting started on your student teaching journey, these 10 tips will help you have a great semester!  Work Group member Adam Moore reached out to colleagues to get these great trips that you don't want to miss!

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This week will support you as you learn more about Executive Functioning Skills. Executive function (EF) skills are the attention-regulation skills that make it possible to sustain attention, keep goals and information in mind, refrain from responding immediately, resist distraction, tolerate frustration, consider the consequences of different behaviors, reflect on past experiences, and plan for the future.

You will want to first read the Q&A Document below to get some ideas about what Executive Functioning is and how it impacts the classroom.  Next you will want to read Chapter 6 (page 58) in the Executive Functioning Report linked below.  

EF Question & Answer

Executive Functioning Report

Last Updated:  5 January, 2023

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