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Giving a gift to the Council for Exceptional Children in honor of a friend, colleague, CEC professional award recipient, CEC Legacy Proclamation recipient, or mentor is a wonderful way to pay tribute to their legacy. All donations made in honor of someone will be recognized here. Individual and collective donations of $500 or more in honor of an individual are noted here on the Tribute Wall with a photo and short bio of that individual. Contact to recognize someone.


from Bill Bogdan

Photo of Gerald J. Reynaud
Gerry Reynaud was an exceptional educator, administrator, collaborator, and humanitarian. Gerry worked in special education as a teacher and as a special education director for many years, having served as Executive Director of Special Services for the Olanthe, Kansas Schools from 1996 until his retirement in 2008. In all the professional positions held in special education, he dedicated his life to the improvement of programs serving students with exceptionalities and those with gifts and talents. Gerry Reynaud was a dedicated CEC member, a true colleague, and an involved leader. Through his vision, strength, and ability to change and affect policy, Gerry was a driving force in CEC, resulting in the Council being recognized for its commitment, leadership, and dedication to the service of students with exceptionalities and those with gifts and talents. Gerry served as President of International CEC (1998-99), and was a recipient of the 2010 Frederick J. Weintraub Outstanding CEC Leadership Award and was honored for his dedicated service to CEC and to the field of special education by the CEC Representative Assembly in February 2020. Gerry passed away in May 2019.


The following individuals were honored or remembered through a gift to CEC since November 2020.

In honor of Libby Herzog (from Sarah Meagher)
In honor of Jamie Hopkins (from Kathleen Puckett)
In memory of Jennifer Tong (from Kathleen Puckett)
In honor of my sweet nephew David (from Rachel Wales)
In honor of Dr. Cynthia Nixon (from Susan Thomas)
In honor of Dr. Ellen Brantlinger (from Jennifer Lesh)
In memory of Sergio Curkendall (from Elizabeth Zagata)
In honor of Jamie Hopkins (from the Division of Legacy and Leaders)
In memory of Jennifer Tong (from the Division of Legacy and Leaders)
In honor of Jamie Hopkins (from Lorrane McPherson)
In memory of Jennifer Tong (from Lorrane McPherson)
In honor of my autism students and the teachers in my building who I mentor daily (from Brittany Stovall)
In honor of Jamie Hopkins, recipient of the 2024 CEC Legacy Proclamation (from Bill Bogdan)
In honor of Mary Anne Odom Tharin (from Jennifer Lesh)
In honor of Ernest "Dan" Settle (from Nicole Wheeler)
In honor of Denny Westerman (from Brooke Hemmer)
In honor of Bobo Schmid (from Petra Schmid-Riggins)
In honor of Walter Edward Cheetham (from Louise Spear-Swerling)
In honor of Dr. Jennifer A. Tong (from Barbara Melnychuk)
In honor of Julie Saccoccio (from Susan Frankel)
In honor of Sharon Denise Dougherty (from Janice Dougherty)
In honor of LGBT teachers, staff and administration blazing the trail for all to be seen and heard! (from Steven Cook)
In honor of Rodney Bell (from Taylia Dunbar)
In honor of Anna Alston (from Andrea Alston)
In honor of Pamela Chilson (from anonymous)
In memory of Tom Collins (from the Division of Leaders & Legacy)
In memory of Dr. Alice M. Mockovciak (from Karen Fernandez)
In honor of Caleb Horton (from Sarah Hayduk)
In honor of Karen Norlander (from Linda Widomski)
In honor and memory of Dr. and Mrs. V. Cotroneo (from Mary Duggan) 
In honor of Okim Hwang (from Eunhye Choi)
In honor of Angela Murphy (from Susan Madorma)
In honor of Dr. Sally Spencer (from Sue Spears)
In honor of Jerry Evans
In honor of Wendy Minor for her career in the field (from Jake Minor)
In honor of Concetta A. Lewis, a champion for the children (from Lisa Haney)
In honor of the CEC past presidents (from Bill Bogdan)
In memory of Norman and Freda Sebastian (from Christy Burke)
In memory of Mrs. Blance Stein (from Dr. Glenda Johnson)
In honor of Jose Maquen, forever the Mayor of CEC.
In memory of Dr. Carol Stenson (from Kindel Mason)
Alan Taradash (from the Division of Leaders and Legacy on behalf of Gloria Taradash)
Jeanne Ferraro (from Kathryn Sheridan Stiefel)
Aaron Lee Tuttle (1971-2017) (from Angela Prince Tuttle)
Bodo Schmid (from Petra Schmid-Riggins)
Andrew Nelson (from Tiffinie Smith)
Ginger Brown (from Tiffinie Smith)
Dr. Thomas M. Stephens (from Deborah Telfer)
Andy Davis (from Caitlin Guerrie)
Concetta A. Lewis (from Lisa Haney)
Tom Adams (from Luann Purcell)
Lois Essig (from Marcia Rock)
Lilliana Goggins (from Ann Pinard)
Brooklyn Bradshaw (from Michelle Grias)
Sally Spencer (from Sue Sears)
Deborah Bethea (from Felicia McLean)
Ed Birch (from Laurel Jefsen)
Cayla Pagano (from April Krause)
Dr. Sally Spencer (from Wendy Murawski)
Patricia Clark-Mullins (from David Schweitzer)
Mary Patricia Clark-Mullins, who devoted her life to helping exceptional children (from Philip Joyce)
In honor of Lisa Surace's mom, Sandra Tanners (grandmother of Ali and AJ), who dedicated her life to children and education (from Katie O'Shaughnessey)
Sandy Tanners (from Maria Shock)
Patricia Clark-Mullins (from Jane Martin)
Patti Mullins (from Robert Carroll)
Doreen Graham McGibbon (from Patricia Shreve)
Reece Holder (from Julia Klein)
Judy Heuman (from Thomas Robert Miller)
Catherine Mamhot (from Melanie Hoy Mamhot)
Elicia Arriaga (from Andrea Simmons)
John Rainbolt (from Rose Merry Kirkpatrick)
Dr. Shamby Polychronis (from Safia Keller)
CEC Past Presidents (from Bill Bogdan)
George Richard Carlisle, Jr. (from Kelly Bezan)
Ben P. Borden (from Emily Borden)
Amelya Sandt (from Kaye Ragland)
Bill Bogdan (from Susan Ingmire)
Maureen Carson (from Jennifer Lesh)
Bill Bogdan (from Mary Lynn Hailey & Susan Ingmire)
Judy Heumann (from Amy Peet-Odle)
Shane Heil (from Christina Bieber)
In honor of my uncles. Their dedication and passion for serving others has continued to inspire me each day (from Brittaney Deighan)
The Amazing Work of Dr. Luann Purcell (from Anonymous)
Kansas CEC (from Katherine Kersenbrock-Ostmeyer)
NKESC Award Winners (from Katherine Kersenbrock-Ostmeyer)
Joe Ballard (from Kurt Hulett)
Sunshine Rolle (from Christine Joyce Trinidad Daluz)
Mary Lawton Wood (from Sabrina Winchell)
Timothy Thomas Wisniewski (from Marie Moreland)
Laura Mohr - South Carolina (from Susan Thomas)
Nelda Schulte (Laura Thorpe)
Willie and Shirley Jones (Cassandra Jones)
Terry A. Astuto, Ph.D. New York University (Glenn Bachrach)
Nancy Boshkoff (Sherry Boshkoff)
Alexandra Candelaria (Graciela Galindo)
Educators at the Luther Conant and Merriam Elementary Schools in the Acton-Boxborough Regional School District (Rebecca Comiskey)
Lake Region Special Education (Rhandi Knutson)
Hope Cooper-Adler (Siegy Adler)
Valdester and Shirley Richards (Sallie Richards)
Esme (Darla Gundler)
Freda and Norman Sebastian (Christy Chambers Burke)
Ravi and Niku (Chitra & Matt Boulton)
Jose Maquen (Craig Evans)
Dr. Bill Heller (Jennifer Lesh)
Kevin Crosby, CEC Teacher of the Year (2022 CEC Board of Directors Members)
Jo Thomason (D Parthenia Cogdell)
Dr. Carol Stenson (Kindel Mason)
CEC Teacher of the Year Kevin James Crosby for his incredible dedication to the field and to his students (Tisa Aceves)
My daughter, Kelly Perras, who has developed a developmental disability (Cindy Perras)
Donna Neaudauer (Anna Adl)
Jennifer Tong (Kathleen Puckett)
Suzanne Bookser (Jamie Hopkins)
Marcia Philipps (Jamie Hopkins)
In memory of Esme (DEC Family Committee)
My Sweet Girl (Michael Kennedy)
My sister Blaire Green who is a selfless special education professional (Brooke Massey)
Rev. William D. Davis Sr.
Dr. Janette Klingner, CEC President-Elect 2013 (by Jennifer Lesh)
Roberto Mendez (by Faith Racusin)
Jeptha Greer (by Michael Weinroth)
Nicholas W. Koch (by Susan Fowler)
Megan Wurst, Illinois CEC Yes I Can Awards Chair (by E. Paula Crowley)
Arielle Emerick (by Yvonne Westfall)
Raylan Eubank (by Sheree Baker)
Richard Ruiz (by Christina Santamaria Graff)
Wilma Mehrtens (by Cindy Roever)
Lois R. Essig (by Marcia Rock)

Winnie Solberg - deceased, former Special Education Teacher in Washington State. She inspired me to become an educator!  Winnie had a mild speech impairment that nearly excluded her from teaching. After raising her family, she wouldn't settle for "no, this won't work for you" and finished college at age 44. Winnie was highly regarded in her school district and local community for her passion and expertise!  She truly represents "Yes I Can." (by Diana Evenson)

Paul Gorsky (by Sarah (Gorsky) King)
Leonard Miles IV (by Sarah (Gorsky) King)
Elizabeth Farrell in 100 years worth of hard-working volunteers! (by Chad Rummel)
James Tharp (by Josie Tharp)
Alma Marie Mobley Clemmer (by Akweta Hickman)
"Bob" Clarence Klein (by Julia Klein)
Linda M. Kahn (by Matthew Kaplowitz)
Annette Roberts (by Scott & Lisa Horsfield)
Julie Beckett, a Family Advocate who helped create the Katie Beckett Waiver (by Susan Fowler)
River Skiles (by Patrick Kiernan)
Jayden McIntosh (by Amanda Boyd)
Laura Mohr (by Susan Thomas)
Dr. Harold M. Tarriff (by Jane and Joe Marioni, Mary Smith, Samuel Silver, Alex and Sheryl Gruber, Faith Racusin, Linda Clark, Lori and Ken Kristopovich, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Silver, Ann Lernger, Starr Barnaum, Sue and Al Blander, Susan and Kenneth Gooen, Trudy and and Donald Doyle, and the Chatham Special Services Department)
For Taylor - keep showing them what you're made if beautiful girl! (by Lauren Epsenhart Clark)
Kenneth J. Peters, Ed.D. (by Patricia Burr)
For my grandson (by Beverly Barkon)
Wendy Kirschner (by Linda Zawisha)
Pam Lentz (by Elizabeth Zagata)
In honor of my son Sean who is a Rising Star and my exceptionally gifted daughter Skylar. (by Veola Simms - Stewart)
Oscar Salvacion (by Christine Joyce Daluz)
My dear friend, Rafico (by Nate Marsden)
Carson, and my students (by Mallory Poole)
Jeff Butler (by Abby Cypher)
Maxine Turek (by Kimberly Peaslee)
Nicholas Koch (by Susan Fowler)
Shayann (by Christy Burke)
Almeda Dees  (by Kayleigh McAlister)
Tina Henry (by Amber Henry)
I dedicate this donation to my cousin, Daniel Hernandez, who passed away from an accident that was a result of his disability.  Que dios le bendiga, primo. (by Philip Hernandez)
In honor of the Wilson Middle School staff for their continued efforts in supporting students with special needs. (by Rebecca Comiskey)
Dr. Carol Stenson (by Kindel Mason)
Eldonna Reynolds (by Megan Vaughn)
Mr. & Mrs. Norris Williams (by Susan Fowler)
Jeptha Greer (by Robin Brewer)
My Mother (by Sharon Rodriguez)
William Dunn (by Christy Burke)
Annette Roberts (by Kit Galvin, Jo-Ann Ryan, Bob and Susan Casey, Mary Chan dler, Alexandra Welch)
For all the past and present Michigan Yes I Can Winners! (by Joe DeMarsh)
Yolanda Smith (by Tasha Bowen)
Mary Anne Pritchard (by Michael Daly)
Paul Gorsky (by Sarah King)
Dr. Paula C. Wood (by Brenda Lazarus)
Dr. Bruce Ramirez (by Suzanne Martin)
Annette Roberts (by Vaishnavi Dholakia)
Blessing Aririguzo (by Joy Awuruonye)
Rowan Gibbs (by Tracey Mueller-Gibbs)
Dr. Sally Spencer, CSUN (by Wendy Murawski)
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Sebastian (by Susan Fowler)
Benjamin Jacobs (by Jennifer Lesh)
Brian R. Bryant (by Diane Bryant)
Ms. Barbara Jean Pruitt (by Cynthia Johnson)
Wayne King (by Martha Miller)
Romelia  Seibles (by Robb Rugeroni)
Tami Bent (by Jennifer Stiff)
Louise Higgiston  (by Nerisa  Mari)
Romelia Seibles (by Amy Hatleli)
Pamela Donovan (by Susan Fowler)
Louise HIggiston
Elizabeth Farrell
The Special Educators Who Supported My Son Through His Schooling
Lynn Ziraldo
CEC Past and Future Presidents (by Susan Fowler)
Special Education Teachers Everywhere (by Mary Ruth Coleman)
All the Past Presidents (by James P Heiden)
Jill Lang
Dr. Christy Burke (by Peggy A. Sebastian)
Last Updated:  8 May, 2024

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