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CEC Accreditation Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Council for Exceptional Children accredits programs leading to licensure and/or programs in support of special educators at the graduate and undergraduate levels within the United States and its territories and within U.S. based institutions operating abroad. 

FERPA allows data to be disclosed to Accrediting agencies without consent. However, CEC will work to ensure policies and processes protect the privacy of individuals. Visit here for more info. 

Yes. Each set of CEC Standards include a field and clinical experience standard and is included in the accreditation expectations.

The commission plans to require proof of regional accreditation in order for a program to be eligible to pursue CEC Accreditation. The Accreditation Commission will review this requirement periodically to determine feasibility of accrediting programs that are not part of an IHE.  

No, CEC Standards are designed for bachelor’s level or higher programs only.  

No. To help keep accreditation costs accessible to programs there will not be a physical site visit or other travel related expenses for CEC Accreditation.  

CEC Accreditation defines a program as a cohesive set of courses, requirements, and common key assessments leading to a degree, endorsement, or other credential and/or recommendation for state licensure or certificate.

If the special education program is designed to lead to two or more initial special education credentials and ALL candidate program completers earn the same credentials, then only one program report is required. If the program results in candidates not getting the same credentials upon program completion, then separate reports reflecting the program, field experiences, assessments, rubrics and data for the candidates earning each is required. If different assessments are used, despite leading to the same licensure, these must be submitted as separate programs.

Last Updated:  26 October, 2021

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