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About CEC TV


Each year at the annual CEC Convention & Expo, the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) partners with international film and broadcasting company WebsEdge to offer CEC TV. CEC TV produces daily episodes during the convention, featuring:

  • Conference News: Interviews, session highlights, and attendee reactions.
  • In-Depth Reports: 5-minute, documentary-style films from universities, institutions, and organizations looking to highlight programs, case studies, and ongoing initiatives that are making a difference

CEC TV brings a different element to the conference by using video and is a great platform to learn about advancing the success of children and youth with exceptionalities. At the conference, CEC TV is available on screens around the venue, in selected delegate hotels on dedicated TV channels, and on YouTube and social media platforms.

Read the full CEC 2020 press release to learn more about CEC TV.

CEC TV 2020

CEC TV 2019


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