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CEC Accreditation

Looking for a way to showcase and set your teacher preparation program above the crowd? Consider Accreditation from the Council for Exceptional Children! CEC Accreditation provides an exclusive opportunity for special education programs to seek accreditation directly from the definitive leader of professional preparation standards for special educators. CEC Accreditation provides assurance of program quality and support program improvement. CEC operates as an advocate for special educators and their preparation programs while listening to their needs. This close relationship helps to ensure specialized requirements for professional practice directly align with the needs of the field. 

Choose CEC Accreditation for: 

Relevance: CEC standards are focused on the preparation of high-quality special educators at the undergraduate and graduate levels. These standards represent consensus from the field about the essential competencies every special educator and gifted educator must master in order to effectively support the learning of infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities.

Commitment: Achieving CEC accreditation demonstrates your program’s commitment to operating a high-quality special educator preparation program by meeting the profession’s preeminent preparation standards.

Continuous Improvement: CEC Accreditation process provides a framework for your programs to evaluate their strengths and identify opportunities to strengthen alignment with the profession’s preparation standards.

Impact: CEC Accreditation assures the public, the profession, and graduates of accredited programs that educators are prepared to effectively support the development and education of children with exceptionalities.

A statement of excellence: CEC upholds the national standards for special educator preparation programs while encouraging innovative practices and instructional strategies.







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Application for Accreditation Eligibility Now Open!

After a public review period and incorporation of feedback on the draft CEC Accreditation Policy and Procedures, Eligibility Application, and Program Report templates, CEC is proud to officially open its Application for Accreditation Eligibility. Programs who are seeking to become CEC Accredited will start by applying for Accreditation Eligibility whose purpose is to collect information on programs to ensure that they fall under the scope of CEC Accreditation and have the ability and resources to gather the evidence and requirements to successfully achieve CEC Accreditation. 

The current fees for programs are listed below. Programs completing an application will be invoiced upon submission. Applications will be reviewed when payment is received by CEC. 

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For questions, comments, or feedback, please reach out to Bradley Duncan, Director of Professional Standards and Accreditation at

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Fee Structure

  Small Program
(0-30 Candidates)
Medium Program
(31-75 Candidates)
Large Program
(76+ Candidates)
  1st prog. Each Add'l 1st prog. Each Add'l 1st prog. Each Add'l
Application for Accreditation Eligibility Fee $500 $250 $750 $375 $1000 $500
Program Report Review Fee $1000 $1500 $2000
Annual Administrative Fee $500 $250 $750 $375 $1000 $500


Last Updated:  9 March, 2022

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