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CEC Solutions

For over 100 years, CEC has developed high-quality resources, defined standards, and trained thousands of experts.

With CEC Solutions, we put the power of our content experts and partners to work for you creating customized solutions that lead to actionable change for your school, district, or state.

CEC currently has partnerships with numerous states that vary from providing training, to providing support on specific projects, to providing programs and resources to support new teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and Specialized Instructional Support Personnel. CEC is the world’s largest organization dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities in education, so our networks and resources combined can do great things. 

CEC Solutions
CEC Solutions

Training & Professional Development 

Our training is fully customizable to your needs.  We offer in person, virtual, on demand, or train the trainer options.

Examples of customized content include:

  • Educator Shortages 
  • Mentoring & Induction 
  • Inclusive Leadership 
  • Mental Health Supports 
  • Supporting Paraeducators
  • Implementing High-Quality IEPs 
  • IEP Procedural and Substantive Requirements 
  • Writing Math IEP Goals 
  • Integrated MTSS 
  • High-Leverage Practices (HLPs) 
  • Strengthening Collaboration Among IEP Teams
  • Using HLPs to Strengthen Tier 1 Instruction 
  • Utilizing Assessment Data to Make Instructional Decisions 

...and many many more.  Reach out to us to learn more about our past and current work.

What Principals Need to Know about IEPs


Looking for a thought partner or input on a current project? We are available for consultation on all topic areas and any projects, big or small. 

Our clients include: 

  • Front Line: Teachers, Paraeducators, SISP  
  • Leaders: Building, District and State Level  
  • Higher Education: Educator Prep, Researchers  
  • Partners: Corporate, Community, Government

Content Experts 

With our national network of experts, we can connect you to education professionals from any state in any role. Based on your needs, we will match you with an expert who understands your context and has successful experience in that area.  

Some of our experts include:

  • David Bateman​ 
  • Julie Bost​ 
  • Ritu Chopra​ 
  • Marilyn Friend​ 
  • Danielle Kovach​
  • Michael Kennedy​ 
  • Kevin Rubenstein​ 
  • Zelphine Smith-Dixon​ 
  • Laurie VanderPloeg​ 
  • Mitch Yell 

…and many more available upon request. 

Laurie VanderPloeg
Interested in collaborating or working with us? Reach out to us via email or phone.
Laurie Vanderploeg
Laurie VanderPloeg
Associate Executive Director, Professional Affairs
(703) 264-9421
Last Updated:  25 October, 2023

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