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Accreditation Volunteers

Passionate about quality special educator preparation programs? Able to contribute your expertise to reviewing program reports? The Council for Exceptional Children is currently looking for candidates for Accreditation Reviewers to serve four-year terms.

Accreditation Reviewers are a diverse pool of volunteers representing various geographic locations, specialty areas, professional roles, and experiences working with individuals with varying disabilities/exceptionalities. 

The primary responsibilities of reviewers are to work in teams to review a program’s accreditation report, verify that the information submitted is accurate, and provide a preliminary report to the Accreditation Commission on how strongly the program has presented evidence of meeting the requirements for CEC Accreditation. 

Accreditation Reviewers are volunteer roles, and reviewers do not receive compensation for their work. They must recuse themselves from activities that are considered, or can be perceived as, a conflict of interest. 

You can find a full description of an Accreditation Reviewer’s responsibilities and desired qualifications here. To apply please complete the application here. As part of the application, you will be asked to submit your Resume/CV and your interest in serving as a reviewer. 

Additional volunteer opportunities for CEC’s Accreditation process include the Accreditation Commission. Vacancies and recruitment announcements for positions on the Accreditation Commission will be posted here as they arise.  If you have any questions about the roles or application process please contact Brad Duncan, Director of Standards and Accreditation at

Last Updated:  24 July, 2023

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