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Leadership CEC

leadership CEC


Program Overview

Leadership CEC is a program designed to develop leadership skills in CEC members who are new or emerging leaders and have been nominated for participation by a CEC unit or division. Intended to strengthen the pool of individuals to serve as future unit and division leaders, learning opportunities are designed for participants to gain a deeper understanding of the CEC organization, its resources (for both individuals and units/divisions), supports available for units/divisions, and leadership functions and competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities). Leadership CEC also expands participants’ CEC networks and their potential leadership contributions to the Council.

Leadership CEC focuses on providing leadership content, hands-on experiences, networking, and coaching facilitated by the Leadership Development Committee and the Leadership Development Program Subcommittee. Learning opportunities are designed to enable participants to gain a better understanding of CEC governance, understand key CEC leadership roles and functions, participate in coaching and mentoring support, and participate in cross-unit/division/committee networking opportunities.

Information about the 2023-2024 cohort will be available after CEC 2023, March 1-4.


Learn More About Leadership CEC

Leadership CEC participants will:

  • discover and apply strategies to strengthen an individual’s personal leadership style, knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • establish mutually beneficial relationships with leadership peers across CEC
  • increase understanding of CEC’s current and long-standing successes, challenges, and opportunities 
  • learn how CEC’s leadership structures support CEC’s vision, mission, and strategic plan
  • identify new ways to have a purposeful impact in CEC
  • collaborate with other inspired leaders to cultivate a successful and effective organization.
  • Participants in the program, which is in its second year, will be enrolled with an understanding that we are still in the process of  learning, exploring best practices, and refining the program. Participants will need to be flexible as the program evolves throughout the year, based on the expressed needs/goals of participants.
  • The program will have 20-25 participants. Preference will be given to ensuring as many units/divisions as possible are represented. Two participants from one unit/division will occur only if slots would otherwise go unfilled. Nominees’ demographic  information will be reviewed to ensure a cohort balance (geographic, unit/division size, gender, etc.

Commit to a one-year program.

  • Complete a brief goals/interest survey. 
  • Sign a participation agreement (based on CEC committee/board agreement).
  • Attend 10-12 virtual monthly gatherings with program leaders and participants 
    • Attend facilitated networking sessions with program leaders providing  information on CEC programs, products, services and other resources.
    • Attend facilitated community-based networking sessions designed to provide and build each participant’s opportunity to connect, learn, and share with other Leadership CEC participants. These sessions may be job-alike or organized around participants’ expressed goals and needs.
    • Attend facilitated synchronous or asynchronous one-hour professional development sessions.
  • Access to support from Leadership Development Committee and Leadership Development Program Subcommittee members.
  • If possible, attend the CEC Leadership Institute (July 2023).
  • If possible, attend the CEC Convention and Expo (March 2024)

Questions? Contact Sharon Rodriguez, Director of Governance and Executive Services. 


Questions? Please contact Sharon Rodriguez, Director of Governance and Executive Services.


Last Updated:  30 January, 2023

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