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Irrefutable Influence: The Impact of School Culture on Student Intervention Success

Irrefutable Influence

Author(s): Rosemary Tralli, Ph.D.

Year published: 2022

Publisher: CEC

Number of pages: 104

Product Number: P6354

ISBN Number: 978-0-86586-554-9

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Since RTI/MTSS became a major paradigm in school improvement efforts, nearly every book, article, or conference presentation has described it from a technical perspective. That is, they describe in intricate detail such items as how to conduct universal screening, how to do progress monitoring, how to establish cut-points for decision making, etc.


However, only cursory, if any, attention has been given to school cultural factors at the school or district level. These factors are equally, if not more important, than the technical ones. This book addresses these and other school culture related topics that are central to the successful implementation of RTI/MTSS.

  • Chapter 1: School Culture
  • Chapter 2: Stakeholders and Their Motivations
  • Chapter 3: Professional Development
  • Chapter 4: Interventions
  • Chapter 5: Collaborative Problem-Solving
  • Tools for Team Analysis and Cultural Growth
Rosemary Tralli


Rosemary Tralli


Dr. Rosemary Tralli is an educational consultant with significant public school experience in developing student intervention systems. Throughout her career, she has held teaching and administrative positions in special education. Dr. Tralli has also led major initiatives as a district assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction. She has leadership and professional development roles at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning: Strategic Instruction Model. Dr. Tralli is involved in teacher leadership preparation and strategic planning to ensure equitable and quality student learning outcomes.


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