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Collaborate Smart: Practical Strategies and Tools for Educators

Collaborate Smart
Susan M. Hentz
Phyllis M. Jones
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From Susan M. Hentz, noted educational speaker and author of Teach Smart, and Phyllis M. Jones, a teacher administrator and educator; Collaborate Smart: Practical Strategies and Tools for Educators is a masterful tool for improving co-teaching and collaborative communication among members of teaching teams. The evolving process of collaboration in the classroom involves negotiation, re-negotiation, respect, trust, and the creation of a level of comfort in the partnership that allows for risk taking in thinking and practice, which yields cohesive instruction that best impacts a student’s learning experience. A “how-to” guide for every educator, Collaborate Smart enhances your resources for instruction through its fully developed, comprehensive yet practical information.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: The Fundamentals of Collaboration
  • Chapter 2: Teamwork
  • Chapter 3: Collaboration
  • Chapter 4: Consultation
  • Chapter 5: Co-Teaching

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