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Using the National Gifted Education Standards for Pre-K–Grade 12 Professional Development (2nd ed.)

National Gifted Educ Standards

Author(s): Susan K. Johnsen, Jane Clarenbach

Year published: 2016

Publisher: CEC - Prufrock Press Inc.

Number of pages: 292

Product Number: P6247

ISBN Number: 978-1-61821-585-7

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National teacher preparation standards in gifted and talented education provide the foundation for research-based practices in gifted education and identify what teachers should know and be able to do to ensure that students with gifts and talents realize their full potential. Because the responsibility for teaching gifted learners and those with potential to achieve at high levels is often shared between gifted education program leaders and teachers in general and special education classrooms, this book shows Pre-K–12 education leaders how to develop partnerships, identify professional development outcomes, design learning activities, plan and implement comprehensive training programs, and evaluate the effectiveness of professional development activities. Special attention is paid to effecting change within a state and school system. Tools provided include sample needs assessments, student and teacher observation instruments, and a sample professional development plan.  A CEC–TAG–NAGC–Prufrock publication.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: National Standards for the Preparation of Teachers of Gifted Students in Pre-K-Grade 12 Schools and Their Relationship to Quality Programming
  • Chapter 2: Developing Partnerships: Preparing Teachers to Serve Gifted Students in All Settings
  • Chapter 3: From Cacophony to Chorus: Collaborating in a Time of Multiple Standards
  • Chapter 4: Identifying Outcomes for Professional Development
  • Chapter 5: Effective Models for Designing Professional Development in Gifted Education
  • Chapter 6: Designing Professional Development Activities
  • Chapter 7: Assessment of the Effectiveness of Professional Development Activities
  • Chapter 8: Making Change Happen: Implementing the Teacher Education Standards in the Real World of Education
  • Chapter 9: Challenges and Prospects


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