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Teaching Behavior: Managing Classrooms Through Effective Instruction

Teaching Behavior
Terrance M. Scott
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Every teacher knows that the perfect lesson plan is useless without effective classroom management. But what’s the best way to foster student engagement, differentiate instruction, handle disruptive students, and promote positive behavior? The answer is in how you teach. Teaching Behavior goes well beyond setting classroom rules, communicating consequences, and providing the usual tips on engaging students and building relationships. It draws on the most current evidence-based practices and rich, real-world examples to get to the heart of effective teaching. A national expert in behavior and special education, Terry Scott shares clear, detailed and proven instructional strategies to maximize student success. Teaching Behavior is ideal as a teacher guide or textbook, offering new insights on why instruction is the foundation for all student behavior; practical tools for managing all types of students and classrooms, including the most challenging; self-assessment checklists and discussion questions for teacher book-study groups; and accompanying video modules for each chapter.


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