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The CEC Board of Directors created the CEC Endowments in the fall of 2020 to support the future of the organization and expand its impact on the field. There are currently five funds designed to support key areas of CEC’s work into the future. Donations to the funds are not for current-year operations, as Board policy limits the percent of the end-of-year balance that can be spent each year from CEC Funds.

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About the Funds

Fund for the Future - The Fund for the Future is the operating endowment for CEC. No one can anticipate the future needs of CEC or future strategic initiatives that are needed to move the field forward. However, we can all contribute to that future through this fund to ensure CEC has the resources to support future needs.

Yes I Can Fund - This endowment was created as a designated fund to support the Yes I Can program, which includes recognizing the achievement of students with disabilities each year.


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These funds were created to fund priority areas for CEC and a percent of the balance each year will be spent in targeted areas as designated:

  • Advocacy Fund – This endowment will provide support for initiatives to support ongoing policy and advocacy efforts of CEC
  • Diversity Fund – This endowment will provide support for initiatives to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the field of special education.
  • Rising Stars Fund – This endowment will provide support for initiatives that attract, prepare and retain students and early career professionals.   

Additional funds may be created upon approval of the Board of Directors, to include Field of Interest, Designated, or Donor-Advised Funds. Donor-Advised Funds require a minimum of $10,000 or the intent to reach $10,000 within three years and will be spent at the direction of the donor as described in the Deed of Gift.

Last Updated:  26 July, 2021

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