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Making an Impact on CEC Publications...and My Career

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I joined the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) in 2020 and, like many others, I really wish I would have joined earlier in my career. But as an intervention specialist for Aurora City School District in Ohio and the current CEC Publications Committee Co-Chair, I am grateful that I did.

In just two years, CEC has been a pillar for my professional growth through the many resources available to members, such as improving instructional practice, access to recent research in the field, the annual CEC Convention & Expo, and the CECommunity All-Member Forum (which is my favorite by far, an opportunity to problem solve and collaborate with colleagues around the country), and so much more. Within my first year, I immediately developed a desire to get involved and, soon after, did so both on the state and national level.

So…why did I volunteer!? I wanted to lead, be a part of something bigger, and make a difference from a systems perspective. I wanted to make a difference WITH CEC. I knew why, but I had no idea of the many benefits that would follow suit.

Since volunteering, I have expanded my professional learning network with educators and researchers from various geographical locations and settings. I’m currently working with educators in k-12 settings and higher learning, directors of special services, and researchers at various universities—WOW. The knowledge that I have gained about processes, the sharing of perspectives, and the ability to collaborate with these professionals has been unimaginably amazing. As an aspiring Special Services leader, I’m building transferable leadership skills from a systems perspective (communication, collaboration, learning from others) through my volunteer experience.

CEC volunteer opportunities are not only GREAT for a resume, but they create a personal sense of achievement for the field through your work. Volunteering for an organization that upholds, prioritizes and promotes its values to ensure that educators from around the country have the resources they need to make an impact on a local level with learners has made an incredible impact on my life and career. What better way to give back and shape the future of this tremendous organization?

I’m very passionate about CEC, appreciative for the opportunity to lead through volunteering, and grateful for the many relationships I have developed. Here's to developing many more relationships with special educators like you.

Posted:  27 January, 2022
Headshot of Victor Torres
Author: Victor M. Torres III

Victor M. Torres III is a Moderate-Intensive Intervention Specialist at Aurora High School in Aurora, Ohio. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education from Eastern Michigan University...

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