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The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)’s committees are responsible for advising the Board of Directors in their particular areas and/or execution of specific activities/programs. All committees report to the Board of Directors.

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Committee Calls for Applications

Interested in serving in as a member of one of CEC’s committees? The following opportunities are currently available to CEC members:

The application deadline 11:59 pm Eastern, December 14, 2021.

Interested in other volunteer opportunities? If you don’t want to apply for a committee, check out our new Volunteer Square. There are a variety of ways to engage locally and nationally, and through short- and long-term projects.

Standing Committees

The Finance and Audit Standing Committee addresses the financial stability of CEC and recommends to the Board of Directors the action to be taken on the annual program plan and budget. Other duties relate to the review of financial policies. The Committee is chaired by the Treasurer. The President Elect also serves as a member of the committee.

  • Yvonne Bui, Chair (CEC Treasurer)
  • Danielle Kovach (President Elect) 
  • Julie Bost
  • Mark Francis 
  • Cindi Nixon
  • Laura Nugent
  • Jane Quenneville

Contact the committee staff liaison with questions or for more information.

The purpose of the Leadership Development Committee is to identify, nurture, and develop leadership potential and skills in emerging leaders. Its duties include intentionally identifying, cultivating, recruiting, and orienting a well-qualified and diverse pipeline of volunteer leaders for board and committee positions that are responsive to the current and future needs of CEC.

  • Mikki Garcia, Ed.D. (Chair)
  • Robin D. Brewer, Ph.D.
  • Amy Braddock, M.A.
  • Dennis Cavitt, Ed.D. (ex officio)
  • Wendy Gonzales, Ph.D.
  • Jennifer Lesh, Ph.D. (ex officio)
  • Kim Moffett, Ph.D.
  • Gloria Niles, Ph.D.
  • Wendy Otheim, Ed.S. 
  • Jonté Taylor, Ph.D.

Contact the committee staff liaison.

Read the 2020 Annual Report.

Read the 2019 Annual Report and 2019 Top Achievements.

Read the 2018 Annual Report.

Charge: Organize, implement, and evaluate volunteer leadership training and orientation programs; create communications plans and marketing/promotional activities and events related to volunteer leadership within CEC; and to facilitate attracting, preparing and retaining volunteer leaders within CEC units and divisions.

  • Bill Bogdan, Ed.D., Chair
  • Anna Adl, M.S.
  • Marilyn Friend, Ph.D.
  • Mikki Garcia, Ed.D. (ex officio)
  • Jennifer Lesh, Ph.D.
  • Gloria Niles, Ph.D.

Advisory Committees

Committee Charge

  • Serve an advisory function to the Board of Directors and staff on the mutual implication and impact of activities of CEC and divisions.
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication among divisions and between divisions and CEC.
  • Provide leadership to enhance the functioning and benefits offered by divisions and the diversity of the association’s members.
  • Make proposals to enhance structural, functional and policy relations between CEC and divisions and among/within divisions. 
  • Facilitate division member recruitment, engagement and retention initiatives.
  • Act as a facilitator in resolution of disputes among divisions.
  • Review division annual reports and ensure compliance with all CEC policies.


  • Michael Faggella-Luby, Co-Chair
  • Debbie Lively, Co-Chair
  • Jugnu Agrawal
  • Sheila Bailey
  • Ted Burke
  • Juliann Dorff  

The Honors Committee selects the recipients of the CEC Professional Awards. The Honors Committee also periodically reviews the CEC Awards program and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for enhancements.

  • Kathy Boisvert (Chair)
  • Alissa Combs-Draughn
  • Pam Epler 
  • Anita Granger
  • Megan, McMillan 
  • Sandy Shacklady-White 

Contact the committee staff liaison with questions or for more information.

The Policy Steering Committee develops recommendations for consideration by CEC’s Board of Directors regarding special education legislative and regulatory issues at the national level and provide information to units that may be relevant at the state or local level; assists in ensuring that the organizations’ position statements are current, relevant, reflect CEC’s mission and values and adhere to CEC’s Principles and Guidelines for Developing Position Statements; stays informed about policy and legislative issues related to the education of infants, toddlers, children, and young adults with exceptionalities.

  • Mitchell Yell (Chair)” 
  • Shawn Bernard
  • Nate Marsden
  • Loretta Mason-Williams
  • Kimberly Osmani
  • Kevin Rubenstein
  • Amanda Schwartz 
  • Danielle Kovach (President Elect )

Contact the committee staff liaison.

The Professional Standards and Practice Committee studies the area of professional standards and their implication to CEC members and others involved in the education of children and youth with exceptionalities; advises the Board of Directors regarding CEC standards and related activities; and develops guidelines and other materials to assist the field in meeting CEC professional standards.   

  • Theresa Garfield (Chair)
  • Tammy L. Barron 
  • Dee Berlinghoff
  • Toni M. Franklin
  • Kevin Miller 
  • Maria B. Peterson-Ahmad 
  • Michelle Powers 

Contact the committee staff liaison with questions or for more information. 

Committee Charge


  • Recommend editorial policy of CEC’s two journals to the CEC Board of Directors
  • Oversee journal editor selection (for approval by CEC Board of Directors) 
  • Provide feedback on annual reports of editors
  • Provide general oversight and support for the editors
  • Ensure the high quality of CEC journals as a trusted source of research findings that support and enhance advances in the field and facilitate putting research into practice
  • Ensure equity in editor and reviewer selection, as well as in published authors

Publications and Products

  • General oversight of books other publications published and sold by CEC 
  • Direct a regular needs assessment, market research and product evaluation to set publishing priorities
  • Recommend strategies for solicitation, review, and approval of new publications, as well as ongoing review of current publications’ viability
  • Monitor the relationships between CEC publications; specifically, potential issues of overlap, competition, and/or, redundancy
  • Promote equity and engagement of diverse members in publications-related activities 
  • Incorporate input from subject matter experts as needed to ensure diversity of ideas and topics in publications  
  • Brittany Hott, Co-Chair
  • Meredith Walling, Co-Chair
  • Mildred Boveda
  • Kimberly Buenger
  • Kinberly Bunch-Crump
  • Christopher Cormier
  • Michael Kennedy
  • L. Lynn Standberrry-Brusnahan
  • Victor Torres, III
  • Katie Veneziale

The Representative Assembly Committee advises the presiding officer of the Representative Assembly (the CEC President) on procedures, formats, and field-based issues for Assembly meeting discussions or online input opportunities. Other duties include approval of Assembly meeting minutes, conducting orientations and online discussions, and determining eligibility for courtesy resolutions.

  • Jenn Katz-Borrin, Chair
  • Kelly Carrero
  • Anthony England 
  • Ben Hicks
  • Cheryl Wold

Contact the committee staff liaison with questions or for more information.

The Student and Early Career Committee advises the Board of Directors on ways to recruit, mentor, and support individuals entering the profession, especially those from diverse backgrounds, and enhance the experience of student and early-career CEC members. It also plans and conducts a Student and Early Career Special Educator Forum and/or other events relevant to students and early-career teachers at the annual CEC Convention & Expo, providing opportunities for student attendees to engage with CEC in order to improve their practice, network with peers, and maximize their experience.

  • Travis Cooper (Chair)
  •  Lindsay Carlisle (Student Representative to the Representative Assembly)
  •  Belkis Choisel-Praslin
  •  Anna Malone
  •  Jordan McNeill (Student Representative to the RA
  •  Ashley Virgin
  •  Richard Williams

Contact the committee staff liaison with questions or for more information.

The Yes I Can Committee publicizes the Yes I Can Awards to ensure outstanding entries; seeks and solicits nominations; evaluates the nominees for each category; select recipients; and periodically reviews award categories and criteria.

  • Samantha Riggleman (Chair)
  • Rita Brown
  • Helen Flores
  • Karen Holland
  • Kimberly Krug
  • Aylssa Marcum
  • John Wright

Contact the committee staff liaison with questions or for more information.

CEC Workgroups

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Workgroups are established by the Board of Directors and are assigned a specific charge and outcomes to be completed within a designated period of time. Workgroup members have knowledge, skills, and expertise in a particular area of strategic importance to CEC. The workgroup chair reports to the Board of Directors.

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