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Maria Laura Duarte and Dr. Zachary Walker

Headshot of Maria

Ms. Maria Laura Duarte was born and raised in Paraguay. She is a former primary school teacher who now serves as the Director of Hippy Paraguay, an evidence-based home visiting program targeted at empowering parents of vulnerable communities in their roles as first educators Ms. Duarta received her Master's Degree in Special and Inclusive Education from the world #1 ranked Institute of Education (IOE) at University College London.  In her spare time, she enjoys dancing with dinosaurs, traveling, and long walks in the foreign cities. 




Headshot of Dr. Walker

Dr. Zachary Walker is an Associate Professor with the University College London Institute of Education (IOE) and longtime member of CEC.  He serves as the Academic Head of Learning and Teaching for the Department of Psychology and Human Development. at IOE.  Zachary has worked with businesses, educators, and policymakers in more than 30 countries on issues of diversity and inclusion, instructional reform, and inclusive pedagogies. In his spare time, he enjoys tackle chess, ice cold yoga, and wrestling with elephants.

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