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The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is celebrating its 100th year of supporting students with disabilities and/or gifts and talents. Our roots are deep, and they include a great deal of work by individuals and by groups, such as Divisions, Units, and Chapters of CEC.

Areas of Participation

As we approach CEC's 100th Anniversary, we want to ask you and/or your group to think of ways you can participate in the following areas:

  • Honoring the history and integrity of the organization's achievements
  • Celebrating the inclusiveness of its membership and mission
  • Highlighting and advancing the CEC's visionary thinking and actions to improve the lives of individuals with exceptionalities and their families and to support the professionals who serve them

We will be sending out various suggestions, but these areas are really aimed at helping you brainstorm what would be the most meaningful activities for you or your group’s. We want to have as much member engagement as possible. 

5 Suggestions for Celebration

  1. If you do not already have one, create a timeline of YOUR history and influence within special education OR your group’s work in the provision of services. Share your success widely.
  2. Challenge your group’s members to perform 100 hours of service to their respective school communities in support of students with disabilities and/or ESE School Personnel.
  3. Select one of CEC's five endowments that would has special significance to you our your group’s members and fund raise to bring a donation to the CEC Convention & Expo in Orlando.
    • Advocacy Fund/Support Policy and Advocacy Efforts
    • Diversity Fund/ Support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives
    • Yes I Can Fund/ Recognize the Achievement of Students with Disabilities
    • Rising Stars Fund/ Attract, Prepare, Retain Students and Early Career Professionals
    • Fund for the Future/Support Future Initiatives of the Council
  4. Highlight successes and challenges from your history or looking towards the future at your conferences, in your newsletters, and/or on your website, all tied to the 100th Anniversary CEC logo.
  5. Develop your own "celebration" of the history of CEC by helping to schedule an Exceptional Children's Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, etc. This might include designing and distributing commemorative pins, stickers, and logo items with 100 years of CEC.

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Last Updated:  5 August, 2021

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