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CEC has officially launched an Exceptional Teachers Resource Repository with peer-reviewed resources for teachers—developed by teachers—that will be entirely free to download and use if you’re a CEC member!

Ready to get involved with the Repository? Learn more below about submitting a resource or becoming a peer reviewer.

Submit a Resource

Do you have a resource that other teachers will find helpful? Submit your resource using the button below.

Submit a Resource

You'll be asked to create a Submittable account (separate from your CEC account) before beginning the submission. We suggest previewing the submission form before you get started. You can also see the rubric reviewers use to select resources that will be included in the repository.

After submitting your resource, you'll receive an automatic confirmation. You'll be contacted by within 2 weeks regarding where your resource is in the submission process.

If your resource is published to the repository, you will:

  • Receive a letter from the CEC editors that your resource has been peer-reviewed and included in the CEC Resource Repository
  • Retain all rights to your resource so, in addition to being published in the Resource Repository, it can be utilized/disseminated elsewhere as you see fit
  • Be listed in the CEC Repository website as a contributing resource author and as an active contributor to supporting other educators with access to your resource.

Become a resource reviewer

All resources included in the Exceptional Teachers Resource Repository are peer-reviewed by volunteer fellow teachers and we need your help with the reviews! Become a reviewer. 
Volunteer reviewers evaluate the submitted teacher resources for consideration and inclusion in the repository, alongside the repository’s editorial team. Reviewers evaluate submissions using a rubric to evaluate the resource's suitability for inclusion in the Repository. While the ultimate decision for acceptance rests with the editor-in-chief, reviewers play a significant role in determining the outcome.

As submissions come in, they are assigned to a small group of reviewers based on the content of the resource to be reviewed and the reviewers' background, experience or expertise; therefore as a reviewer you may not be called on for several weeks at a time, depending on the type and volume of submissions received. The overall time commitment is approximately 1-2 hours a week.
Interested in becoming a resource reviewer? Email

Last Updated:  29 October, 2021

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