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IEP Meeting Checklist for Administrators

IEP Meeting Checklist for Administrators
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Primary Level:
Primary Needs Addressed:
Collaboration (professional)
Target Audience:
General Education Teacher
Special Education Teacher
Gifted/Talented Teacher
Related Services Provider
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This resource is to be used by administration who attend IEP meetings. This could also be used by special education teachers, general education teachers, and/or related service providers to keep track of communication and outcomes of IEP meetings. It is recommended to start a binder or shared group folder so that all administration has access. Forms should be organized alphabetically so that all parties are on the same page regarding IEP meetings and students. This resource can be changed to meet the needs of different grade levels. For example, early intervention transition information can be added or secondary transition information. This resource can also be differentiated to meet the needs of teachers and administrators in different types of school settings.

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