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Teaching Exceptional Children 55-5 - Intersectionality

TEC 55.5
Month and Year Published:
June, 2023
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Council for Exceptional Children
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$12.00 (19% off)
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Articles in this edition include:

  • Guidance for the Antiracist Educator: Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies for Disability and Diversity
  • Right Now Is a Good Time to Get Involved
  • Leading With an Equity Lens: Addressing the Intersection of Racism and Ableism in Public Schools
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Teaching Intersectional Self Determination Skills with a Focus on Disability, Social Identity, and Culture
  • Critical Consciousness in Decision-Making: A Model for Educational Planning and Instruction With Bilingual/Multilingual Students with Disabilities
  • Practicing Anti-Racism as Inclusion: Start in Early Childhood!
  • Integrating Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy and Evidence-Based Practices to Support Students With Learning Disabilities in a Social Justice Mathematics Lesson
  • An Introduction to Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy for Students With Sensory Disabilities
  • Designing an Inclusive Future: Including Diversity and Equity With Innovations in Special Education Technology
  • Supporting Student Agency in Communication Intervention: Alternatives to Spelling to Communicate and Other Unproven Fads

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