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From becoming a member to assisting with your membership, groups, event registrations, and book orders, we’re here to help.

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From becoming a member to assisting with your membership, groups, event registrations and book orders, we’re here to help.

Customer Service Center

Staff Contact List

Executive Office
Chad Rummel, M.Ed, CAE
Executive Director
(703) 264-9404
Laurie Vanderploeg
Laurie VanderPloeg
Associate Executive Director for Professional Affairs
Craig Evans
Craig Evans, CMA
Chief Financial Officer, Director of Operations
(703) 264-9416
Sharon Rodriguez
Sharon Rodriguez
Director of Governance and Executive Services
(703) 264-9415
Cookie Cottrell, CAE
Member Support Representative
(703) 264-9453
Kevin Jacobs
Kevin Jacobs
Membership Manager
(703) 264-9478
Gennith Johnson
Gennith Johnson, CAE
Chief Engagement Officer
Brannan Meyers
Brannan Meyers, CAE
Director of Component Services (Divisions, Units, Chapters)
Danielle Wieczorek
Danielle Wieczorek
Component Services Manager
Tiffany Lewis
Tiffany Lewis
(703) 264-9410
Jake Minor
Jake Minor
Manager, Publications Fulfillment and Operations
(703) 264-9444
Bryan Reynolds
Information Technology Manager
(703) 264-9480
Professional Affairs
Jennifer Bullock
Jennifer Bullock
Professional Development and Resources Director
(703) 264-9427
Brad Duncan
Director of Professional Standards
(703) 264-9406
Renee Glasby
Renee Glasby
Convention Administrative Manager
(703) 264-9422
Brooke Massey
Brooke Massey
eLearning Manager
Megan Shea
Manager of Learning Logistics
(703) 264-9447
Kuna Tavalin
Senior Policy and Advocacy Advisor
(202) 669-2669
annie drinkard
Annie Drinkard
Director of Communications and Publications
Anna Perez
Anna Perez
Sales Coordinator
Mason Daniel Shelby
Mason Shelby
Digital Content Manager
(703) 264-9433
Cameron Waiters
Cameron Waiters
Digital Content Specialist
Sharyn Weiss
Sharyn Weiss 
Director of Strategic Partnerships
(703) 807-3773
Last Updated:  23 May, 2022

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