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Bullying and Suicide: Preventative Measures for Schools

Bullying and Suicide: Preventative Measures for Schools
Dr. Scott Poland, Nova Southeastern University
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In collaboration with the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders (CCBD)

Youth suicide is the third leading cause of death for children. Because being bullied is connected to self-harming behavior in children, schools are a logical place to intervene to reduce youth suicide. Yet although every state has passed legislation requiring bullying prevention in schools, only a few states mandate suicide prevention programs. In this webinar, you’ll examine the links between bullying and suicide and discuss the elements of school-based suicide prevention programs. Protocols to prevent or intervene with suicidal students and techniques to engage all stakeholders, including administration, faculty, students, parents, and community agencies, are stressed.

After viewing this program, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the relationship between bullying and suicide as established by research.
  • Analyze the issues involved in law suits filed by parents against schools after the suicide of their child.
  • Describe resiliency factors that reduce the risk of suicide by bullying victims.
  • Apply protocols for prevention and intervention with suicidal students.

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