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Building Trauma-Sensitive Schools: How to Help Students Get Regulated

Young diverse male teacher sitting amongst young diverse students
Jen Alexander
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In this session facilitated by Jen Alexander, an experienced educator, trauma expert, and the author of Building Trauma-Sensitive Schools, teachers and other leaders will review what trauma is and how it can impact youth. Specifically, Ms. Jen will help participants differentiate between regulated and dysregulated arousal states. She will also introduce her River of Feelings visual, which is a practical tool for youth of all ages. Watch to learn about this visual and leave prepared to help yourself and all students get regulated so that everyone can be ready to learn.

Participants will be able to:

  • Define trauma and the trauma-sensitive school.
  • Identify ways in which trauma may impact youth at school.
  • Differentiate between regulated and dysregulated arousal.
  • Learn how to utilize the River of Feelings visual with students of various ages.
  • Link use of the River of Feelings visual to one's self-care plan as an educator, provider, or caregiver.

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