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Serena Manjur


Serena Manjur is an Education Specialist with Los Angeles County Office of Education. Serena provides instructional support services at International Polytechnic High School, a project-based learning school where they founded a student driven program to foster inclusion called Collaborative Student Success (CSS). Serena is a recipient Personnel Development SEEDS scholarship for the Cal Poly Pomona Education Specialist dual credential and masters program in which they are currently enrolled. 

Alison Lynn Sisco received her B.A. in psychology from San Francisco State University, and spent the next ten years working in mental health counseling, as a paraprofessional, as a Consumer Service Coordinator with Inland Regional Center, and as QIDP/Administrator to ICF nursing homes. She quit her job in 2019 to pursue a dual Education Specialist Credential and M.A. in Special Education at Cal Poly Pomona. Alison is a recipient of the SEEDS scholarship in the CPP education program. She loves her 2 cats- Mama Kitty and Po, Prince, her partner, Evan, and being in service of others.


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Cultivating Inclusion Through Collaboration
This teaching toolkit is meant to help SPED and content teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, students and their families, and more, to reflect, explore and put into action the ideas of collaboration through inclusion and co-teaching to support equity in education for all students. Training for teachers varies widely, as do resources...
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