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Hilary Travers

Hillary Travers

Dr. Hilary Travers is a senior research associate at Transition Tennessee at Vanderbilt University. She has two primary strands of research. The first focuses on the effects of peer-mediated interventions on adolescents with and without disabilities. The second involves exploring how to better support teachers to provide high-quality transition instruction and services to students with a range of support needs. Before becoming a researcher, Hilary was a classroom teacher of high school students with deafblindness.

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Outcomes survey for peers who participate in peer-mediated interventions and programs
This resource is a valid and reliable measure called the Peer-Mediated Impact Survey for Peers (PMIS:P). This survey requires peers to respond to 46 items and report how they were impacted by their most recent or current peer-mediated intervention or program (PMI). Each of the 46 items are represented within...
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