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Let's Go Learn

Let's Go Learn provides highly diagnostic online assessments and automated progress monitoring tools to help teachers write IEPs faster and with greater accuracy. Present levels and benchmark goals are automatically identified for each student. In addition, Let's Go Learn provides specially designed instruction that targets each student's gaps in reading and mathematics via its online learning platform that works in-class or remotely.

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Improving Access to Elementary School Social Studies Instruction

Content type: Journal Article
Social studies instruction in upper elementary school (Grades 3-5) is important for building foundational content knowledge to equip students for the secondary school curriculum. Due to numerous school initiatives and demands on the time of teachers...

Making Inclusion Work With Co-Teaching

Content type: Journal Article
Co-teaching is considered essential to the process of including students with special needs into the general education classroom. Fortunately, most general education teachers are positively disposed toward co-teaching and inclusion. However, observed...

Impact of Enhanced Anchored Instruction in Inclusive Math Classrooms

Content type: Journal Article
The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics will place more pressure on special education and math teachers to raise the skill levels of all students, especially those with disabilities in math (MD). The purpose of this study was to assess the effects...

Co-Teaching Family Engagement Letter & 3 Surveys

Content type: Teacher Resource
The purpose of this resource is to enhance parent engagement in a co-taught classroom. The parent letter and three surveys included in this resource are devised to assist a set of team teachers in building trust and gaining parent/caregiver support in student success in a co-taught class. This resource is informed by current research in family engagement, communication, and the High-Leverage Practices.

Technology tools for Students with Learning Disabilities

Content type: Teacher Resource
This resource contains a list of accommodations that correspond to the accommodations and foundational technology that may meet the needs of the accommodations. These digital tools are available in web browsers without the need to be downloaded, and can be accessed both at home and at work. The digital tools are free and inexpensive.

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