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 101 Crawfords Corner Rd Suite 2201 
Holmdel, NJ 07733 
United States

Cutting-edge technology designed to meet the needs of learners with autism and IDD in the classroom setting. CentralReach’s solutions help to transform special education programs to measurably drive student outcomes across the entire PreK-12 journey. Our purpose-built solutions are designed to support the lifelong journey of individuals with autism and IDD care – at home, school, and in the community. Intuitive technology-based solutions equip educators with the tools and insights needed to measurably improve student outcomes and live more independent lives. Let's learn a bit more about each of CentralReach's solutions: 

CR Assessments - Welcome a new era of digitally assessing students using the ABLLS-R | AFLS, a CR Assessments product, to digitally track and assess over 2,400 skills for autism and IDD. Capture a complete picture of each student’s strengths and skill gaps to create customized programs, IEP goals, and more. CR Assessments offers reporting, graphing, sharing results across team members, and more!

CR LiftEd - Streamlined and elevated classroom data collection and IEP Management with CR LiftEd. Organize, store, and analyze student data, enabling your IEP team to make data-informed decisions for students. Our award-winning solution empowers your educators so they can focus on supporting student outcomes using a streamlined data collection platform. Learn more about our ABA Skill Acquistion Library (aligning directly with CR Assessments), and our ABC Data Collection feature! 

avail - Student-led learning where and when needed – to increase independence using avail's patented technology. Empower your students to achieve maximum independence and success through a virtual, on-demand solution within the classrooms and at home via our take-home program. avail by CentralReach equips students with personalized digital instructions, providing individualized content through evidence-based supports. avail's patented technology boosts student confidence while increasing independence at school, at home, and in the community.

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Are you ready to Unlock Potential™ and measurably improve outcomes for learners with autism and IDD? Browse this in-depth product overview for more information on digital assessments, data collection, IEP management, supportive task-based software, PD and fidelity plans, implementation, and more! 


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Capture a complete picture of each student’s abilities, faster and easier than ever. ABLLS-R | AFLS CR Assessments combined platform are proven assessment tools that provide educational teams with a comprehensive and robust platform for conducting assessments, generating reports, and guiding instruction. 


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Designed by experts in the field, CR LiftEd provides educational teams with real-time skill acquisition, behavior, and therapy data collection tools to monitor progress and ensure compliance with IEP programs, specifically for learners with Autism and IDD in schools.


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avail® utilizes evidence-based practices (EBP) to empower individuals with disabilities across all settings. With digital task-analytic instruction and visual supports, individuals receive discrete prompting and feedback without intrusive one-on-one support. avail is a preferred tool for Pre-ETS programs across several countries.


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Learn about how to "Assess, Align, and Assign" with CR Assessments & CR LiftEd, using the ABA Skill Acquisition Library within CR LiftEd. Understand the point of view of an educator with Charlie as the student example of how to use these platforms together to maximize student outcomes and streamline educator workflows. 


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Take your IEP, ABA, and behavior data collections online! Learn from our assessment and data collection software experts in this on-demand webinar.


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Follow one learner’s unique journey using CentralReach’s special education suite of solutions. See how educators and providers use CR Assessments, CR LiftEd, and avail by CentralReach to assess what matters, track student progress, and provide individualized support using our tailored suite of software to support each individual student’s lifelong path. 


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