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Trill Education: Strategies and Interventions within Multi-Tiered Systems Part 2 | Mic Check, Minds On - Engaging Learning with Hip-Hop

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Student engagement is one of the cornerstones of successful teaching and learning. How we keep students actively participating must have flair and be tailored to the students we are working with. There are lessons that can come from Hip-Hop that can provide us with ways to actively engage students and provide opportunities for them to respond during instruction. In this webinar, we share specific approaches that incorporate Hip-Hop elements, promote engagement, and consider student voice to increase active student engagement will require teachers to master a range of specific strategies and skills related to pedagogy, relationships, and technology.


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  1. Dr. Terry Scott
  2. Dr. William Hunter
  3. Dr. Jonte "JT" Taylor
  4. Ashley White

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