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Here's What's Coming for CEC Volunteers This Year: An Update from the Leadership Development Committee's 4th Annual Retreat

LDC members on virtual meeting

CEC’s Leadership Development Committee (LDC) held its fourth annual retreat virtually July 29-31, 2021, to assess its past activities and identify opportunities to advance the committee’s work.  

Executive Director Chad Rummel began the meeting by providing his perspective on the alignment of the LDC’s work and plans with CEC’s current programs and future initiatives, especially as related to the work of the Leadership Development Program Subcommittee (LDPS) and the development of an online volunteer portal. During the remainder of the plenary session, the committee: 

  • Discussed the current bylaws requirements for the LDC chair in preparation for the current chair’s term to end August 31, 2022
  • Received an update on the work of the LDPS
  • Reviewed and discussed the original LDC charter in preparation for the LDC’s required 5-year re-charter, due to the Board in November 2022

As in the past, committee members were surveyed to determine the most critical topics for the meeting. The results were similar to last year and the committee was split up into groups to address the following areas: 

  • Development volunteer leadership / leadership development program
  • Candidate search and selection process
  • Promotional activities, communications, outreach

Each group was charged to develop recommendations; set goals, objectives, and timelines; and prioritize tasks for the coming operating year and beyond, if needed. This information is being synthesized to develop a draft work plan. 

As outlined in the LDPS update, the subcommittee continues to address the creation of a future volunteer portal, as well as developing volunteer leadership and a leadership development program. The LDC then shared how it has been able to hone the application and selection process for the Board of Directors and LDC over the past few years, especially with the implementation of an “interview” component last year.

The main charge of the LDC is to identify, cultivate, recruit, and orient a well-qualified and diverse pipeline of volunteer leaders for board and committee positions that are responsive to the current and future needs of CEC. The foundation for a pipeline can only come from a large pool of volunteers. A major focus for the coming year will be enhancing communication about volunteer opportunities and helping to repackage opportunities to better fit the needs of the volunteers. 

Questions? Contact Sharon Rodriguez, Director of Governance and Executive Services.

Posted:  26 August, 2021

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