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CEC2024: Explore the Expo Hall, Technology Playground, and Wellness Pavilion

cec2024 expo

CEC2024 is right around the corner! Have you registered yet? Don’t miss out on your chance to join thousands of special education professionals and learn, grow, connect, and share! There is so much to do at the Convention, from attending some of the 300 sessions offered, watching our keynote speakers dazzle, meeting with over 200 vendors, dancing with your peers at the CEC Celebration, and celebrating some truly amazing students at the Yes I Can Awards Ceremony

Map of CEC 2024 expo hall as of Feb. 13
Expo Hall 

Stepping into the Expo Hall is akin to entering a treasure trove of resources tailored to enhance the educational experience of exceptional learners. From publishers showcasing the newest curriculum materials to assistive technology companies demonstrating cutting-edge tools, every booth is an opportunity to discover innovative solutions. Drop on by the Poster Sessions that will be presented during programming hours and learn more about the exciting research in the field.  

You can engage in meaningful conversations with representatives, gaining insights into how these resources can be integrated into your classrooms to better support students with diverse learning needs. Whether it's adaptive learning software, sensory-friendly materials, or communication devices, the Expo Hall offers a litany of tools and resources to address various challenges and abilities.  

New for 2024, the Expo Hall will feature Student-Run Enterprises at Booth 100 to browse the exciting offerings from student-run businesses in the San Antonio area. Deck out your laptops and water bottles with your selection of stickers from the Sticker Bar at Booth 132 

Don’t forget to get your Passport stamped while visiting vendors in the Expo Hall for a chance to be entered in a prize drawing. 

Marquee letters spell PLAYGROUND in all capitals.
Technology Playground 

In the ever-evolving landscape of special education, technology plays a pivotal role in leveling the playing field for students with disabilities. At the CEC-ISET Technology Playground, you can interact firsthand with the latest assistive technologies, educational apps, and digital platforms designed to enhance learning outcomes. 

From virtual reality simulations that provide immersive learning experiences to augmented communication devices that empower non-verbal students to express themselves, the Technology Playground is a hub of innovation. Hands-on demonstrations and workshops allow you to explore these technologies in-depth, igniting inspiration and sparking ideas for transformative classroom practices. 

The Wellness Pavilion 

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the convention, it's essential to prioritize self-care and wellness. The Wellness Pavilion offers a tranquil retreat where attendees can recharge, rejuvenate, and explore holistic approaches to well-being. From mindfulness meditation sessions to yoga workshops tailored for educators, the Pavilion promotes a holistic approach to self-care. 

The Wellness Pavilion, sponsored by the Namaste Project, will feature sessions on mental health, mindful movement, and breath work and offer free resources to check out there or bring home with you.



Attending CEC's Special Education Convention and Expo is more than just a professional development opportunity—it's a transformative journey of empowerment, collaboration, and innovation. By exploring the Expo Hall, engaging with cutting-edge technologies at the Tech Playground, and nurturing wellness at the Wellness Pavilion, attendees emerge equipped with the knowledge, resources, and inspiration to create inclusive learning environments where all students can thrive. 

Posted:  28 February, 2024

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