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As we enter our 100th year of leading special education, the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is recognizing exceptional educators from around the world who have shown a passion, dedication, and commitment to making a difference in the lives of the students who they teach. Hear from teachers about their personal experiences working in the field, and get inspired to make your own impact this year.

Danya Stump 

Danya Stump has been a special education teacher for 27 years, with the majority of those years being in early childhood. She taught an ECSE class for 16 years, and provided early childhood special education services to students in the preschool setting for 7 years. Danya is now the Teacher Consultant/Child Find coordinator for Farmington Public Schools in Michigan. Danya attended Eastern Michigan University, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in special education and a Master’s degree in early childhood education. She is passionate about  educating young children and supporting their families during the earliest years of their education journey.

Danya is currently  a part of the Galileo Teacher Consortium. She has  worked with BuildUp Michigan and educators across the state to build resources for families to use at home. Danya has served on various committees through her school district including strategic planning. She sits on the membership/family engagement committee for the Michigan Division for Early Childhood (DEC). Danya has  presented at numerous conferences including the International CEC Conference in Orlando, FL.

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Posted:  17 March, 2022

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