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Positive Based Behavior Point Sheet

Publish date:
Behavior scale
Primary Level:
Middle School (Grades 6-8)
Elementary Level (Grades K-5)
Primary Needs Addressed:
Target Audience:
Special Education Teacher
Notable Features:
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This positive beaded behavior point sheet has 2 important elements. 

  1. Unlike some point sheets that focus on the student's behavior of concern, this point sheet focuses on identifying the positive behavior of the student. For example, if the behavior of concern is disruptive behavior, the student will lose point for exhibiting this behavior, but be recognized for staying in class, not touching others, and maybe work completion. As a student begins to hear positive statements about themselves, they begin to look for more and the behavior of concern decreased. This forces staff to give behavior specific praise to the student.
  2. This point sheet does not give students a "0" or +/- scores. There is a negative connotation that comes when you tell a student he earned 0 points. The student hears, "You are a zero." or "You are negative." This can cause the student to act like a zero or in a negative manner.

We begin the school year teaching the areas of the point sheet. I have students identify behaviors that would decrease the points, and how students can keep the points.

The daily average is used to help students earn access to daily reinforcers and quarterly group contingent reinforcement.  

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