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Using Assessments, Part 1: Collecting Data and Selecting Strategies

Content type: Webinar
Using Assessments, Part 1: Collecting Data and Selecting Strategies HLP Webinar Series – HLP #6, Use student assessment data The first letter in DBI is also the first thing you need—Data. Collecting data using reliable, valid assessments allows you to...

Multi-Sensory Math Methodologies

Content type: Webinar
Students with visual-spatial and language processing difficulties often struggle to understand and process the intricacies of mathematics. This webinar will present methodologies that have been used in small group and individual instruction settings to...

ELLs and Language-Based LD: Misconceptions and Assumptions

Content type: Webinar
At times, English Language Learners with language-based learning disabilities may only be identified as ESL students. In this webinar, you’ll hear about some common misconceptions about types of language-based disabilities, ELLs, how you can identify ELLs...

Effective Intervention for Reading Difficulties

Content type: Webinar
Learn the research-based reading techniques that teachers have been looking for! This webinar will present the most highly effective approaches to word-level reading difficulties, which can help struggling readers regardless of their particular disability...

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