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Family-Centered Practices and American Sign Language (ASL)

Content type: Journal Article
Families with children who are deaf face many important decisions, especially the mode(s) of communication their children will use. The purpose of this focus group study was to better understand the experiences and recommendations of families who chose...

Teaching Vocabulary to Preschool Children With Hearing Loss

Content type: Journal Article
Despite poor vocabulary outcomes for children with hearing loss, few studies have evaluated the effectiveness of specific vocabulary teaching methods on vocabulary learning for this group. The authors compared three vocabulary instruction conditions with...

Effect of Hearing Loss on Peer Victimization in School-Age Children

Content type: Journal Article
Nearly one third of school-age children report being bullied, primarily enduring teasing or rumors. Children with hearing loss (HL) are at increased risk of victimization due to being “different” from the general population. This project assesses effects...

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