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At Winston Preparatory School, the highly individualized educational model is based on an in-depth understanding of each student which results in grouping by learning profile and individually designed programming. Winston Prep serves students with learning differences including dyslexia, executive functioning difficulties (ADHD) and nonverbal learning disorder (NVLD).

Our 3rd through 12th grade campuses are located in New York, Connecticut, Long Island, New Jersey and Marin County. We also offer a fully online program for students – accessible anywhere in the US. Winston Transitions, located in New York City and San Francisco, is an extension of Winston Prep’s mission for students 17-21+ who may need additional support before transitioning into college or the workplace.

At the heart of all of Winston Prep’s programs and overall learning methodology is understanding each student’s learning needs. Through Winston Prep’s Continuous Feedback System, faculty continually assess how each student is responding to their skill development plan, while adjusting their teaching approach based on that. 

All of our students take part in our one-to-one Focus program, which are daily remediation sessions with learning specialists that target individual goals and areas of greatest need. Focus teachers are the first line of communication between families and schools; they provide weekly updates to families, including important observations and current activities and progress within Focus sessions.

Winston Prep’s individualized curriculum results in extraordinary transformations in our student’s lives and learning. The results speak for themselves. Winston Prep’s high school graduation rate is 99.7%, and 80% of those graduates go onto college. The remaining 20% of Winston graduates enroll in transitional, vocational or other post-secondary programs.

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Winston Prep Fact Sheet provides helpful information about our programs and campuses for students with learning differences.


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