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Perkins School for the Blind

Perkins School for the Blind
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175 North Beacon Street 
Watertown, MA 02472 
United States

Perkins School for the Blind is the worldwide leader in education services for children and young adults with visual impairments, CVI, deafblindness and more from birth through age 22. Since 1829, we have been preparing children and young adults with the education, confidence and skills they need to reach their full potential. We believe every child can learn and learning is for life.

Everyday at Perkins is about connection, possibility and opportunity. On our beautiful 38-acre campus just outside of Boston, we offer an environment where students are able to develop strong social skills, forge meaningful connections with peers, take part in school traditions and participate fully in all areas of the Perkins school community. Our experts implement the Expanded Core Curriculum -- helping students access core academics and acquire the social and independent living skills their sighted peers learn incidentally -- and individualize programs for students of all abilities by providing customized, equitable instruction in academics, independent living, assistive technology, vocational training, and more.

Perkins’ reach doesn’t stop there. Off campus, itinerant teachers of students with visual impairments (TVIs) and deafblind specialists bring their expertise to the community by providing direct and consultative services throughout New England. Compass, a nine-month virtual program for college-aspiring high school students with visual impairment, enrolls students across the country and collaborates with them, their families and their educational teams to prepare for success after high school. Additionally, CVI Now empowers parents with all of the CVI knowledge and tools they and their child need to succeed, and around the globe, in over 95 countries, Perkins-trained educators are reaching children at risk of being left behind.

Perkins is committed to delivering best-in-class education to children, providing immersive training to professionals and creating a world of inclusion, accessibility and opportunity for people with multiple disabilities. To learn more visit or reach out to us at

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Perkins is proud to offer a full continuum of educational services for students ages birth through 22 who have visual impairments, CVI and deafblindness. Since 1829, we have been preparing children and young adults with the education, confidence and skills they need to reach their full potential. To learn more visit or reach out to us at


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Perkins School for the Blind is the school you can trust to deliver the very best education and services for your child. We offer day and residential programs for children with visual impairments, CVI, deafblindness and CHARGE. Our expert faculty integrates the Expanded Core Curriculum across all teaching and learning opportunities and emphasizes instruction in self-determination and self-advocacy, as well as critical social skills. Our program places a premium on transitioning students for success after leaving Perkins, facilitating a path towards meaningful engagement in their communities, employment, or college. Reach out to us at!


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A completely new take on college and career readiness planning, Compass is a nine-month virtual program for college-aspiring high school students with visual impairment – designed to help them proactively explore and develop a plan for building the critical academic and blindness skills they need to reach their post-secondary goals. Through group work and individual coaching for the student and their educational team, Compass works to fill the often-overlooked gaps in college and career preparation. If you would like additional information, email


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Perkins School for the Blind is leading the way in the quest to support families that are learning more about a CVI diagnosis. Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI) is a brain-based visual impairment caused by damage to the visual pathways or visual processing areas of the brain. CVI is the leading cause of visual impairment in children in the United States. Every individual with CVI, no matter their zip code or how their CVI manifests, has a right to early diagnosis, comprehensive, effective vision services, and accessible educational programs. Learn more today through our Perkins CVI Parent Portal: CVI NOW!


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Perkins School for the Blind is a leading provider of assessments for children ages 3 to 21 who are blind, visually impaired, or deafblind—and who may have additional disabilities. Formally evaluating a child's strengths and needs allows teachers and parents to develop individualized education programs that provide the best learning experiences for each student. Our experts can assess a specific area of development, such as cognition, communication, motor or vision-related compensatory skills, or provide a comprehensive evaluation in several areas, including a CVI Educational Assessment. Learn more by emailing us at


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Community Programs at Perkins supports children with visual impairments and deafblindness and their families, as well as school districts throughout New England. Our Infant-Toddler Program is the first point of contact for every family in Massachusetts following their child’s diagnosis, and we provide them with specialty services, education, guidance and emotional support. Our expert teachers and specialists work virtually and in-person in schools throughout the region. Through our Outreach Short Courses, we provide fun, accessible and educational opportunities to more than 1,200 children of all ages. Contact us at


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