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WPS provides a broad range of educational and psychological assessments and intervention resources. These resources assist special education teachers, certified academic language therapists, school psychologists, speech and language pathologists, educational diagnosticians, occupational therapists, classroom teachers, reading specialists, counselors, and administrators in helping school-aged children make academic, social, emotional, and behavioral progress. Our tools can be used system-wide, school-wide, at the grade level, classroom level, and individual level to screen, evaluate, intervene, and monitor progress.  

With more than 75 years of experience, we’ve built a global reputation as assessment experts.  

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Tests of Dyslexia (TOD™)

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The Tests of Dyslexia (TOD) consists of three (3) sets of direct assessments: TOD-Screener (TOD-S), TOD-Early (TOD-E), and TOD-Comprehensive (TOD-C). The tests measure skills and abilities across three domains: reading and spelling; linguistic processing; and vocabulary and reasoning. TOD Parent/Caregiver, Teacher, and Self-Rating Scales gather data on indicators of dyslexia such as family history of reading problems, motivation, and early speech or language difficulties. The Dyslexia Interventions and Recommendations: A Companion Guide to the Tests of Dyslexia (TOD) links assessment data to evidence-based intervention recommendations so you can plan instruction based on individual strengths and needs.

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We’re pleased to share this Dyslexia Assessment Tool Kit with you. It’s filled with expert guidance, best practices, and assessment options to help you identify dyslexia and support your students as they build one of the most important skills they will ever learn: reading. For 75 years, Western Psychological Services (WPS) has partnered with researchers and practitioners to develop assessments that change people’s lives for the better. This year, we’re happy to introduce the Tests of Dyslexia (TOD™️), authored by Nancy Mather, PhD; R. Steve McCallum, PhD; Sherry Mee Bell, PhD; and Barbara Wendling, MA.

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The WJ IV is the only assessment that offers three co-normed batteries to produce actionable insights for specific referral concerns. The three batteries may be administered individually or in combination. The WJ IV marks a substantial step forward in evaluating individual capabilities. The structure of the WJ IV system enables the formulation of comprehensive cognitive, achievement, and oral language assessment. The WJ IV can be utilized for individuals ranging from 2 to 90 years. On average, an examiner will require 5 to 10 minutes per test within a battery.

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WPS is a leading provider of school-based assessments, intervention, and progress monitoring tools for general education and special education teachers. We've created a free resource guide to help you thrive in the new school year and help bridge the gap between teachers and specialists, so that you can help more students. WPS is proud to offer affordable, effective, and easy-to-administer educational assessments that help schools meet screening needs without additional stress or cost. 

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The WPS Professional Learning Center (WPS ProLearn™) provides access to online training and continuing education materials, including independent study materials, video-based training, live webinars, and support materials for in-person events. 

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This revision improves an instrument already viewed as the gold standard for the observational assessment of autism. With updated protocols, revised algorithms, a new Comparison Score, and a new Toddler Module, the ADOS-2 provides a highly accurate picture of current symptoms unaffected by language. The ADOS-2 can be used to evaluate almost anyone suspected of having autism from 1-year-olds who do not consistently use phrase speech to adults who are verbally fluent.

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The ABAS-3 is the leading adaptive skills assessment. Comprehensive, convenient, and cost-effective, this behavior rating scale measures daily living skills—what people actually do, or can do, without assistance from others. The ABAS-3 is particularly useful for evaluating those with developmental delays, autism, intellectual disability, learning disabilities, neuropsychological disorders, and sensory or physical impairments.

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There’s a lot to consider when determining your assessment needs. Now there’s a solution. WPS Assessment Consultants are industry professionals with a broad range of knowledge and expertise. They offer valuable support to school districts and other large institutions and can guide you in making purchasing decisions that meet your specific needs and budget. Contact a WPS Assessment Consultant at to discuss product training options, receive assistance with ordering, request sample materials, or get answers to other product-related questions.

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At WPS, we're committed to providing accessible educational resources to help you stay up-to-date with the latest research and practices in the field, enabling you to positively impact the individuals and communities you serve.

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WPS supports college and university graduate professors and instructors in the training of future mental and behavioral health professionals through our Graduate School Alliance Program (GSAP). As a member of this program, you can receive up to three complimentary WPS online assessments per year for use in counseling, autism diagnosis, clinical and school psychology, speech–language pathology, occupational therapy, and more. GSAP members may also be eligible to purchase additional protocols/forms with the WPS Educational Discount, which is provided on a pre-approved, order-by-order basis. 

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At WPS, we are committed to providing special educators with assessments, companion intervention materials, and professional development to help unlock student potential.

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This webinar introduces the Tests of Dyslexia (TOD™) (Mather, McCallum, Bell, & Wendling), a groundbreaking new assessment and intervention resource. The TOD provides a comprehensive system for the assessment of dyslexia. It includes three batteries: the TOD-Screener (ages 5 years, 0 months – 89 years, 11 months), the TOD-Early (ages 5 years, 0 months – 9 years, 3 months ), and TOD- Comprehensive (ages 6 years, 0 months – 89 years, 11 months), as well as rating scales and an instructional guide. The TOD effectively eliminates the need to use different assessments.

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WPS Business Development Manager, Stephanie Roberts (MA, CAS), describes the contents of the Tests of Dyslexia (TOD™), the first comprehensive assessment of dyslexia, which eliminates the need to use tests from different assessments. Linking dyslexia assessment to targeted interventions has never been more efficient and effective.

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