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Scanning Pens Inc

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4585 140th Avenue North Suite 1004 
Clearwater, Florida 33762 
United States

Scanning Pens is a global award-winning assistive technology company founded in the UK by two enthusiastic tech lovers - Toby Sutton and Jack Churchill - in 2003.

With Jack having dyslexia, he wants to ensure all adults and children have the tools to read confidently.

Our collection of text-to-speech technology allows users of varying reading abilities to improve their literacy and gain independence. 

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The C-Pen Reader 2 is a text-to-speech reading tool designed to put more control into the user's hands.


The Reader 2 supports English, Spanish, and French, has multiple electronic dictionaries, a built-in voice recorder, and even allows users to scan printed text directly to the pen, Google doc, or Word doc, all without Wi-Fi or apps. 


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The C-Pen Exam Reader 2 supports students with learning difficulties to unlock their full testing potential. Students can scan printed text to hear it read aloud or via earbuds. 


The Exam Reader 2 supports multiple languages and accents, no Wi-Fi is required and has no storage capabilities.


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The C-Pen Connect is the ultimate notetaking and translating tool. It supports more than 10 languages and features Bluetooth technology, allowing users to scan printed text directly to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. 


Using a third-party translation app such as Google Translate, allows scanned text to be translated.


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The LingoPen supports multiple languages and includes a variety of accents. Simply scan printed text to hear it read aloud or complete one-word translations using the 10-plus built-in bilingual dictionaries.


Scanned text can also be saved to the pen or scanned directly to a Google or Word document. The LingoPen even includes a voice recorder and does not require Wi-Fi.


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The ReaderPen Secure provides literacy access in the workplace while maintaining data security. This text-to-speech technology supports English, Spanish, and French, includes built-in dictionaries, and has no storage capabilities.


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A 4-page informational flyer about the C-Pen Reader 2. 


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A 4-page informational flyer about the C-Pen Exam Reader 2.


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