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At GoManda, we are passionate about teaching for neurodivergent learners, like autistic learners. Neurodivergent learners process information differently, especially when it comes to vocabulary comprehension. To help neurodivergent learners, teaching for the way they process information is key. We at GoManda do that by with our app that uses:

  1. Minimalistic design to reduce distractions. That means no distracting animations and components that take away from learning
  2. Photorealistic images and videos - no cartoons or other unrealistic representations of objects
  3. More variations of each common object than any other learning resource. We are dedicated in providing a bank of different colors, textures, and materials of each word.
  4. Interests-led lessons - lessons are centered around your student’s specific interests
  5. Progress monitoring - tracks real time data and progress that can be sent to anyone in your student's care team 

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