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 918 W Idaho Street 
Boise, Idaho 83702 
United States

At Brolly, we are committed to streamlining special education service tracking and progress monitoring to help ensure compliance. We are a web and mobile optimized software that saves teachers time and gives administrators much-desired visibility into service provision, LRE, student progress, and more.

We are often confused for, but not an IEP system. We work with school districts to extract student, service and IEP goal data from their IEP system and import it into Brolly where teachers then document services and monitor goals with ease. 

Data Entry: Teachers and service providers log services and progress monitor through form-based submissions. Caseloads and IEP goals are pre-populated along with custom template options for added efficiency.

Dashboards: Real-time data is accessed through interactive dashboards. Robust filtering helps providers and administrators identify students at-risk for meeting their IEP goals, giving them the information to adjust instruction as needed.

Reports: Critical data on services and progress are automatically aggregated in reports designed for external stakeholders. These reports are also often used for audit preparation and required state reporting. 

In April 2023, Brolly became an endorsed product with The Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE).

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In this series, experts will share insights on key challenges, guidance on best practices, updates on new research, and legal perspectives relevant for special education administrators in the field today. Walk away from each session equipped with new strategies and knowledge, empowered to share and implement new concepts with your team, or refreshed with new perspectives.


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Brolly Special Education Logs is officially endorsed by the Council of Administrators for Special Education (CASE). The prestigious endorsement is the result of a rigorous evaluation conducted by CASE’s Product Review Committee (PRC) over the course of nearly two years.


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Brolly is excited to announce our new grid data entry system for service tracking. This new grid logging feature makes logging faster and more efficient for your teachers and service providers. The grid data entry system also allows for more flexibility. Users can easily customize each student’s log to reflect partial minutes, individual notes, additional goals, absences, and much more!


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