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Time Timer

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Business Information

Time Timer LLC
7707 Camargo Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45243

Time Timer® inventor Jan Rogers’ youngest child struggled to make transitions from one daily routine to another. Whether it was time to get ready for school, or for homework, practice or bed, her young daughter often felt frustrated and anxious because of her inability to grasp the concept of elapsed time. 

Motivated to solve this universal problem, Jan created the Time Timer—an innovative, simple time management tool designed to “show” the passage of time through use of a patented red disk. As time elapses, the red disk disappears—making common routines at work, school or home stress-free and enjoyable.

The award-winning Time Timer red disk is a globally recognized time management resource that helps people of all ages, abilities and cultures visualize the passage of time and ‘make every moment count.’ 

Since 1994, over 1 million Time Timer visual timers have been shipped to support the needs of children and adults around the world. Currently with about thirty (30) Time Timer models to choose from, the company provides solutions to everything from easing anxiety around transitions to ensuring proper handwashing, while continuing to innovate and solve time-related issues.

Today, Time Timer products are used by teachers, therapists, parents and business people around the world. We are enthusiastically proud of our 25+ year past and passionate about our future. Cincinnati, Ohio based Time Timer LLC remains family owned and operated by Jan’s son and daughter-in-law, Dave and Heather Rogers; The Mission…. To Empower Everyone To Conquer Time.

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