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918 W. Idaho St. Ste 250 
Boise, ID 83702 
United States

Unify IDEA compliance & student achievement with Brolly. Consolidate IEP data collection into one app and get visibility into service sessions and progress across your district. 

IEP Data Collection:

  • Log service minutes and monitor progress in under a minute
  • Pre-populated caseloads expedite logging
  • Track session information for multiple students simultaneously
  • Use custom templates for reoccurring sessions
  • Identify missed sessions due to absences
  • Transfer IEP goals automatically from your management system

Get a Pulse on Progress & Services Across Your District:

  • View aggregate data or filter for more granular information 
  • Discover gaps in service provision or documentation
  • Determine which students are, and are not, making progress towards their IEP goals
  • Utilize interactive dashboards for data-driven decision making
  • Identify compliance concerns, such as identical IEP goals for multiple students

Respond to Stakeholder Requests

  • Proactively address due process complaints
  • Be better prepared to share data at IEP meetings 
  • Replace manual aggregation of session notes from spreadsheets, binders, and sticky notes
  • Gain important context with chronological service & progress information
  • Complete state reporting or audit preparation with ease

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