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United States

Attainment is the leading provider of blended learning solutions with traditional curriculum, apps, software, web-based programs, and AT solutions for special education PreK- 12+. Attainment is a CORE provider in NY, FL, CA, TX, DC, VA, OH, MI, MN, WI, CO, IL and more. A scientific research-based approach to curriculum creation for ELA, math, science, social studies, and literacy/language development provides a solid foundation for high quality, rigorous special education instruction. Students are successful with transition skill development with curricula for independent living, communication, social skills, using transportation, building personal care skills, vocation, and work skills, too. Assistive technology and communication solutions ensure access to learning with a wide variety of affordable devices -- including solutions in multiple languages. Attainment also provides a complete line of solutions for adults with unique

Attainment provides outstanding interactive professional development and trainings with all blended learning and assistive technology solutions. PDs and trainings are conducted by experts with strong backgrounds in special education and disability needs (i.e. teachers, administrators, researchers, professors, vocational rehabilitation directors, speech language pathologists, and assistive technology specialists) 

When you go to you will find hundreds of easy to access samples. This allows you and your team to understand more deeply what each solution is about. We look forward to being a strong partner in the work you do with individuals of “differing-abilities” Thank-you for what you do each and every day – your work is a gift to our world! 

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A continuum of resources across the grad bands covering all core content areas. They align to national and state standards while also building the foundational skills needed to access later instruction. The solutions blend traditional and web-based formats to engage all types of learners.


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Provides lessons specific to each of the five WIOA/IDEA required transition activities. These lessons engage students in meaningful instruction that supports independent adult living and employment skills. Lessons are leveled to meet the needs of all learners. (Units: Job & Career Exploration, Work-Based Learning, Post-Secondary Training, Workplace Readiness and Self-Advocacy)


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UPGRADE is a research-based curriculum focusing on student employment goals in high school, a post-secondary program, or on the job. UPGRADE provides students with strategies for self-evaluation, like self-monitoring and goal setting. There are six units of instruction in: Attitude and Cooperation, Reliability, Productivity and On Task, Teamwork and Communication, and Quality of Work. After instruction, 10 UPGRADE lessons teach both the professional and the student to evaluate performance in each soft skill category.


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An AAC device with 5x extra touch sensitivity and 105 message capability. Records and stores up to 100 messages in five levels. Twenty programmable buttons allow the user to personalize each level with pictures and vocal recordings. 


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Students can log into our web-based software at school, home, work, and in the community. Teachers can create student accounts, manage student access to apps, and track student progress as they move between classrooms, teachers, and environments. One or three-year subscriptions, offer the continuity of quality instruction throughout the school year.


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Attainment Plus

APLUS is a unique special education LMS to support hybrid instructional needs. APLUS provides three modules:  RESOURCES – TRAINING & DATA KEEPER. Resources provides the curricular materials in digital formats. Training provides a plethora of in-time recorded videos showing the curricula in action with students and training webinars on implementation strategies. Data Keeper allows you to track progress on student goals and objectives. Student progress is graphed for quality data-based decision making. Data can be viewed by individual students or in aggregate. Teachers have important instructional work to do with students. Data Keeper -- Keeps it Simple and Makes it Fast.


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Provides training and activities to support the expected outcomes for the HCBS Medicaid-funded services for residential and non-residential programs. This HCBS Solution Plus addresses four key areas: Integration and access to the community, Employment and work in competitively-integrated settings, Gaining independence and developing independent living skills, and Individual initiative, autonomy, and independence.


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Social Emotionals

Social Emotional Learning is a critical component of successful academic student achievement. Attainment has a wide variety of social skills programs to meet the needs of students from elementary through high school. Check out the social skills program that’s right for your students!


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Blended Learning Solutions have never been more important. Students find technology solutions along with traditional instruction highly engaging. Attainment provides instructional technology in ELA, Math, Social Emotional Learning, Personal Care Skills, Self-Advocacy/Disability Awareness, Transition Skills, worksheet completion, plus teacher utilities too! Attainment’s instructional technologies are available in web-based and device install versions.


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