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Address: 918 W. Idaho Street Boise, Idaho 83702
Phone: 208-519-4100

Athlos Special Education Logs is an app designed to help special education professionals more easily and efficiently track IEP service minutes and goal progress. For administrators, this in turn, supports more efficient reporting, compliance, support and accountability.

The easy-to-use app provides the following key benefits:

  • Easy Tracking – the app is easy to learn and easy to use and is accessible on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Athlos offers a variety of methods for integration with other data systems to eliminate any dual data entry. Users save hours every week!
  • Rich Data – The app’s data exploration center allows users and administrators to monitor services with ease. The interactive reports allow users to view data by student, teacher, subject or service area, school site and more. 
  • Custom Reporting – The app’s custom reporting center allows users to print and export data in a variety of formats. 
  • Enhanced Communication – Data is quick and easy to view, export or print to share with key stakeholders, such as parents. 
  • Streamlined Compliance – Receive notifications through the alerts center when services are out of compliance or students are not making adequate progress. Manage due process complaints with ease. And have peace of mind knowing the data is only ever a click away. 

The Athlos software also qualifies for various forms of state and federal funding, including all rounds of ESSER funding.

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Athlos is passionate about supporting special education departments and easing the compliance burden. We provide administrators with the tools and peace of mind to ensure accountability and compliance in their special education departments, and we provide teachers with a more efficient, easy way to document and share IEP services and student progress. At the end of the day, this helps ensure all students receive the services they are due and make progress toward their goals.


The case studies here provide a snapshot into the the experiences of a few of our partner districts implementing the Athlos Special Education Logs app.


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Designed for use by special education teachers and service providers, the Athlos app solution is eligible for federal, state and local funding sources, including all rounds of ESSER funding. By exploring these opportunities, your district or school may identify many different methods of purchasing the Athlos Special Education Service Logs App.


Athlos helps make the required work of documenting and reporting services for students as well as progress monitoring simpler, more efficient, and easier to communicate.


For more information about funding sources and grants, visit our website. 


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Athlos Special Education Logs is designed to support more efficient special education compliance, reporting, oversight, and accountability for K-12 special education directors and administrators.


Our mobile and web-optimized app helps teachers more efficiently track the services they are providing students and ensures administrators are able to monitor the services provided site or district-wide.


With the Athlos Special Education Logs App, administrators have real time access to interactive dashboards for streamlined oversight.


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Looking for an easier way to document and track special education services for students?


Athlos understands it can be difficult to ensure all students are receiving the number of service minutes outlines in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). That’s why we developed the Athlos Special Education Logs app.


No more paper and pen. No more sifting through papers in prep for IEP meetings.


Athlos Special Education Logs app helps teachers more efficiently track special education services they are providing students. The app is optimized to make record keeping easier, so you have more time for your students.


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