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HLPs for Administrators: CEC Webinar Mini-Series

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The HLPs for Administrators: CEC Webinar Series includes TWO live webinars with HLP expert Dr. Michael Kennedy from the University of Virginia. He will be discussing social/behavioral HLPs and leadership decisions for teams and families. Individuals can register as a member or non-member for one webinar or both webinars for a 20% discount. Please click the registration links for more information.

Registration Options
Thursday, Feb. 16th, 2-3 ET Register for Feb. 16th
Wednesday, Feb. 22nd, 2-3 ET Register for Feb. 22nd
Both Feb. 16th and Feb. 22nd Register for Both


Member Fee for one: $49.00
Non-Member Fee for one: $91.00
Member Fee for both: $82.00
Non-Member Fee for Both: $146.00

Webinar 1: Give Your Staff and Students the Gift of Well Managed Classrooms – A Focus on the Social/Behavioral HLPs

Thursday, Feb. 16th, 2-3 ET

An unfortunate reality is nothing chases teachers from the profession faster and more powerfully than behavior and classroom management issues. When teachers have trouble creating and maintaining a positive learning environment, all the effective instruction in the world won’t make as big of a difference in measurable outcomes as it can and should. Researchers across the past thirty years have identified numerous practices that are effective for supporting student behavior. High-Leverage Practice numbers 7-10 reflects this research. As administrators and other school leaders, a gift you can offer your people is a fresh lesson on how powerful key classroom practices can be. In this webinar, Professor Michael Kennedy from the University of Virginia highlights five key evidence-based practices that form the core of HLP 7, 8, 9, and 10, and can be taught to every teacher and staff member in the building. Various resources available through CEC and other outlets will be shared.


Webinar 2: Leadership Decisions to Make Today That Will Make a Big Difference for Collaborative Teams and Interactions with Families

Wednesday, Feb. 22nd, 2-3 ET

Teachers, families, and administrators alike make the common mistake that teachers who are friendly and present are also effective collaborators.  While showing up and having a positive attitude are important for effective collaboration, far more skill is needed.  In this webinar presented by Dr. Michael Kennedy from the University of Virginia, the focus is on actionable strategies for supporting our teachers, staff, and families as they seek to work together on behalf of students with disabilities (and all students).  The first three high-leverage practices for students with disabilities all deal with collaboration between professionals and families.  Administrators and other leaders who attend this webinar will learn actionable strategies for putting their people in strong position to succeed in the collaboration domain.  Various resources from CEC and other outlets will be shared.


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