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Understanding Student Access to Well-Prepared, Diverse Teachers

Female African American teacher working with students with disabilities

The Learning Policy Institute (LPI) published a blog post in their "Learning in the Time of COVID-19" series aimed at understanding the impact of the pandemic on students’ access to both well-prepared and diverse teachers.

Specifically, the post notes that underserved student populations are disproportionately taught by new and inexperienced teachers, which widens achievement gaps between students of colors and their white counterparts. The blog post also emphasizes the magnitude of the teacher shortage, exacerbated by COVID-19, and highlights the role that student loan debt and preparation costs play in the low recruitment and retention of diverse teaching forces.

As schools deal with layoffs, high turnover rates, and the possibility of future budget cuts, LPI suggests a number of federal avenues to mitigate the shortage crisis.

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Posted:  19 February, 2021

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