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Senator Cassidy Releases White Paper on Artificial Intelligence, Calls for Stakeholder Input

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On Wednesday, Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA), Ranking Member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee released a white paper, Exploring Congress’ Framework for the Future of AI: The Oversight and Legislative Role of Congress Over the Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Health, Education, and Labor. The paper examines the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence (AI) and how Congress should regulate the technology. It examines AI’s potential to increase access to quality education and supplemental services, and impact on curriculum by supporting, and not replacing, learning. The report elevates certain benefits of AI, including more personalized learning and reduced workloads for teachers by aiding in lesson planning and assessment development. It also cautions about potential drawbacks: “AI might be used as a low-quality shortcut by both students and teachers, how to account for errors in AI’s output, and how the underlying models and algorithms might not be set up to adequately serve all students.” Cassidy stresses that effective implementation of AI within educational settings requires school leaders to ensure appropriate professional development for school personnel. The report ends with a call for stakeholder input on “ways to improve the framework in which these technologies are developed, reviewed, and used” by submitting comments to by September 22, 2023.

To view the white paper, go here.  

Posted:  8 September, 2023

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