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School Pulse Survey Demonstrates Pressing Special Education Shortages

[image of an empty chair under a spotlight in front of a chalk board in a dark classroom]

Data released on September 27th from the School Pulse Panel, conducted by the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, underscore the persistent difficulty of filling special education positions. 48% of respondents reporting Very Difficult and 30% reporting Somewhat Difficult. These numbers show a slight improvement since June, when the responses were 51% and 35% respectively. Career or technical education and foreign languages positions are also difficult to fill. The major reasons for shortages include too few applicants and the lack of qualified candidates. While all regions report difficulty staffing special education positions, the south at 75% and the northeast at 64% report the greatest understaffed numbers. The September 27th data release also includes Community Partnerships and Technology.

Read the School Pulse Panel findings here.  

Posted:  30 September, 2022

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