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OSEP Director Unveils New Resource to Reduce Exclusionary Discipline

Two adults sitting and facing each other. One is holding a clipboard. A child is playing in the background.

In the final post of the Discipline and Behavior blog series, Valerie Williams, Director of the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), announced the launch of a new website containing an online database of resources related to reducing exclusionary discipline. In addition to announcing the website launch, Williams underscored key actions for reducing exclusionary discipline with links to further information. She recommends that educators adopt a prevention mindset to understand what lies beneath a child’s behavior. Williams also explains that “data tell us that children with disabilities, particularly children of color with disabilities, are suspended and expelled from school at greater rates than their peers, a trend that starts as early as preschool and extends throughout high school. Breaking this cycle starts with a transparent analysis of multiple data points to reveal the story the data are telling, develop and test hypotheses, and ultimately define a root cause.”  In closing, Director Williams highlights the online resources OSEP has compiled to aid educators in locating positive supports for behavior and discipline. 

Access OSEP’s resources here

Posted:  18 August, 2023

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